Questions On ALD Recording & Digital Audio Recording Devices

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I've noticed many many good recordings from I believe members of this board and of others and was highly interested in this practice. Would those of you who do these types of recordings share your setup of equipment? I would love to start doing this kind of documentation of audio through the parks.


My experience with the ALD system was spotty, but that shouldn't stop you from trying.

I use a Sony RH1 Minidisc recorder and used a 3.5mm patch cable to get the audio out from the ALD device to the recorder. Next time I'll make sure I bring some sort of volume attenuator to put in line. The volume control on the devices isn't the best (especially the new Epcot ones) so something to fine tune it would be useful.

The 3.5mm patch cable was just a stereo cable with two male plugs on it. The ALD seemed to work best outside my backpack, and the recorder was inside, so you might need something like a 1m cable.

Hopefully that helps, any other questions feel free to ask!