Questions Concerning Tokyo Disneyland CDs



Hi everyone,
I'm hoping to get some insight from you guys concerning the following Tokyo Disneyland CDs...

1) Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 2001
2) Tokyo Disneyland Pooh's Hunny Hunt
3) Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights - Show Mix Edition (aka Perfect Edition)
4) Tokyo DisneySea Music Album - 2 Disc Set
5) Tokyo Disneyland D-POP MAGIC!
6) Tokyo DisneySea - Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
7) Tokyo DisneySea - DisneySea Symphony

I'm thinking about purchasing these CDs and wanted to know what you guys thought of them. How much of each CD is in English? Would the DisneySea CDs interest someone that's never visited the park? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Daryl in Missouri


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The Tokyo DisneySea Music Album is NOT a 2 disc set. I know people have been listing it that way on Ebay, but it is actually 2 separate discs.

One is called "Tokyo DisneySea Music Album" and the other is a CD single called "Tokyo DisneySea Theme Music". They both came out in September when the park first opened. CD Japan has both of them still. I can't remember the catalog #'s.

As for the other CD's, I highly recommend all of them.

TDL Christmas Fantasy 2001 is about half English, half Japanese. It's got some of the same themes as the previous Christmas Fantasy's, but it's still good. It also has the "Sparkling Christmas" music segment from WDW's "Everyday's a Holiday" show.

TDL Pooh's Hunny Hunt is all in Japanese, but that shouldn't stop you from getting it. The queue music track alone is worth the purchase. It's very nicely arranged.

TDL Electrical Parade Dreamlights Show Mix is also a great CD and the 2 tracks on it are different from the one previously released. This CD is also about half English, half Japanese.

TDL D-Pop Magic! is a great CD and now becoming one of my favorites. It's entirely in English and it basically pays homage to the old "Disneyland is Your land" (or in this case "Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land") show.

TDS Porto Paradiso is great too, and it's a strange mix of English, Italian, and Japanese. It's got a really catchy theme song too!

TDS DisneySea Symphony is another good one. It not only includes DSS, but it has TDS's version of TDL's "Starlight Magic" fireworks show. Because the parks are back to back, you can see TDL's fireworks from both parks, so they added a separate music score that plays for the guests at TDS so they could enjoy the fireworks with music too! It's called "Buona Sera Seranade". DisneySea Symphony is all in Japanese, but there is very minimal dialouge by Mickey.

Lastly, the 2 Tokyo DisneySea CD's, the Music Album and the Theme Music CD are ell in English and they are very well put together. There is only one track on the Music Album that has already appeared on another US CD. It's the Indiana Jones track, but it's still great and fits on the TDS CD very well.

Again, I highly recommend all of the CD's you mentioned.

Ben C.


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Thanks for the glowing compliments, Bill. I'm not sure what to say.

OK, yes I do listen to D-Pop Magic! on the subway along with many other Disney CD's, and I'm proud of it! Althogh this morning I broke from tradition and listened to the "I Am Sam" soundtrack which is great!

Ben C.