Questions concerning Fantasyland Area Music in 1970s and 1980s


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I was looking around Kirsten's Disney Music Loops site this afternoon (a fantastic resource, many thanks to you Kirsten) and took particular notice of the TDL Fantasyland Area Loop track list, which includes a number of tracks from some 1970s Disney films, including Pete's Dragon, The Aristocats, and Robin Hood.

Does anyone have any information on this loop? Is it still used at TDL? Was it ever used in the America parks? Where does it play exactly? Is it carousel-type music? Are any of these tracks commercially available?

I'm asking out of pure curiosity - wondering what it would be like to walk through Fantasyland hearing "Scales and Arpeggios" or "The Phoney King of England" - and any information is greatly appreciated.

Howdy, don't know if this will help.

I can recall a little bit from out trips in the 1970s, because it was at this time I began to notice the music played all over the park.

In Fantasyland (in Florida, anyway) there was very little, if any, area BGM. I say "very little" because if there was any, I didn't find it.

Starting at Mad Tea Party and moving west toward Small World, here is what you had:

Around Mad Tea Party, you heard the loop that played there. (Caucus Race, March of Cards, etc.)

In front of Toad/20000Leagues, there was no BGM, but you could hear the music from the 20K queue.

In what I call the center of Fantasyland, where the carousel is, you had the carousel music, which permeated most of this area, from the Castle to Pinocchio's, and around Dumbo. The carousel music pretty much WAS the BGM in Fantasyland.

In front of Peter Pan and Small World, there was no BGM. Again, you heard the merrygoround.

The Skyway to Tomorrowland had a BGM. It was the same one played on the Matterhorn queue in Disneyland.

About ten years ago, the carousel band organ music was piped throughout Fantasyland, so you hear that everywhere now.

Another note. The tunnel through Cinderella's Castle used to have a continuous loop of "A Dream is a Wish...," which was straight from the soundtrack album. (Not the one on all the compilations with dialog and sound FX. The first soundtrack, with the radio-approved version of the song.)
One correction:

The WDW Skyway Challet was actully different then that of the DL/Skyway/Matterhorn bgm............but used many of the same tracks.

Disneyland's Skyway Challet was at one time the same bgm as the Matterhorn load. After New Fantasyland in 1983, the Skyway Challet and Village house tracks were the same and became a mix of the original added with other selections (several of them being vocals---it what I assume is Swiss??)

Also at Disneyland ALPINE GARDENS sometimes had the matterhorn music playing when a parade wasn't running......they did this untill about the mid 70's when Alpine Gardens kinda dissapperd from name use. (the Monsanto House area bewteen Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.



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Thanks to both of you for the information.

Do either of you - or anyone else for that matter - know if the two commercially released TDL carousel tracks - "it's a small world" and "Chim Chim Cher-ee" - were used as part of the WDW original carousel loop?

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Unfortunately, I haven't heard any songs from the movies, Pete's Dragon, The Aristocats, and Robin Hood at Fantasyland.
In fact, TDL's Fantasyland area BGM consists of It's A Small World Exterior BGM and Carousel BGM or other attractions, like Alice's Tea Party.
But the playlists on Kirsten's site is from the booklet of Treasures of Fantasy Box, so the playlist comes from official source.
I heard BGM in the bathrooms at Fantasyland, and I remember I heard songs from Mary Poppins. Bathroom BGM is still played. I'm not sure that Fantasyland Loop is actually bathroom loop.
yes.......Tokyo Disneyland's "Cinderella's Golden Carousel" was the same as the firts WDW carousel music. Tokyo I believe, switched to the same as DL's new Fantasyland Carousel tracks in the 90's..........I'm not sure what is used now.

There are some Mary Poppins tunes in the DL Skyway Challet/Village Hause-inclused the Village Haus restrooms........ These were tracks from a Jack Wagner
album for was done by the Fantasyland Pearly
Band.....the Snow white tracks are from the WDW Polka band. Jack often used albums he produced in back ground music. He had been working on a record Album projet in the 70's that showcased most of the out dorr entertainment bands----- niether of the parks really ran
with the projetc .WDW did release the Adventureland Steel Drum Band and the WDW Band as full albums. the others, allthough recorded, were never sold as albums. He did use some selections in a compilation album in 1973 called "A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney Worlds magic Kingdom" . The Liberty Tavern Singers, the Liberty Square Fife & Drum, the Dapper Dans, The Pearly Band, and the Polynessian Lua Cove show were all planed and prepared record Album projetcs that never got finished.

The 1980 Official Album of DL/WDW also re-used some edited versions of these. The Royal Street Bachelors selection was pulled from the New Orleans Square BGM music tracks ---------also originaly done as a record project of Jacks.