Questions about Disneyland's "it's a small world"


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Hi Everyone,

I'm attempting to create an "it's a small world" ride-thru for the restored Disneyland version of the attraction, but I have a few questions before I can finish:

1. Does the finale of the attraction now use the adult vocals? Meaning, is it the same version we used to get on all the official albums? If so, is it edited in some way to make for a smooth transition from the previous room?

2. Does anyone have any information on the queue music? Does it use the World's Fair entrance music?

3. Did the Clock music change when they restored the attraction? Does it use the version available on DLF?

As always, any help is greatly appreciated. I've grown to really appreciate it's a small world since the Tokyo Disneyland CD release. The attraction is not only visually complex but also musically intricate, and it's become one of my favorites.



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1) The finale has the child vocals.

2) The queue music is clips from what you'd find on the Small World record (I have a copy of this in my garage) or any of the long-playing Small World orchestration recordings floating about (such as the Tokyo Disneyland CD release). It's put together quite beautifully.

3) The clock has a loud fanfare followed by a quiet-sounding rendition of IASW. I'm pretty sure it's the version on Disneyland Forever.

I could be wrong on any of these.