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This really isn't on the topic of music, but you're the only people I know to ask about the 1972 short called "The Magic of Walt Disney World."

Does anyone know the approximate (or exact) running time of this film?


When they made the 1980 "A Dream Called Walt Disney World," they used a song called, "The Magic of Walt Disney World." Is the song the same in both films, or is "A Dream" just an updated version of "The Magic?"

Thanks in advance for any insight. There is very little information about these movies.

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I'll check the Magic of Walt Disney World and get back to you....

Note to the folks who put together the WDTreasures DVD's: There is plenty of WDW stuff for it's own set!

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I only have "The Magic of Walt DIsney World". Is there any way you can post the lyrics to the song for the second film so i can at least check against the song in the first film?
Thanks for looking.

Here's how it goes in "A Dream Called WDW"

This is from memory, so if it's not perfect, it's close:

The Magic of Walt Disney World
To fly you to the top of your highest dream.

The Magic of Walt Disney World
Forget all your troubles, tomorrow's better than it seems.

There's something magical about a parade,
Little kids and pink lemonade,
Grownups having the best time of thier lives.
There's magic in all the things you can do,
And when you....something...something (lol)....and you think you are through,
You turn around and then there's more than you ever dreamed of.

The Magic of Walt Disney World
The Magic of Walt Disney World....repeat, repeat, that's about it.

My hunch is that your movie has the same song, because it's a Buddy Baker composition, and I read somewhere once that he scored "The Magic of Walt Disney World."

Incidentally, there is another Baker tune in "A Dream Called Walt Disney World" that pops up now and then. It is a pretty string instrumental that I believe was called "A Dream Called Walt Disney World," and I think is used in "The Magic of WDW" film. (Could this be more confusing? lol) You can hear a little strain of it in the old Walt Disney Story film, when he talks about WDW. It's also the running theme in the 1980 "Dream" film.

By the way, how long is your "Magic of Walt Disney World" film? I've seen the running time in print twice, and once it was about 24 minutes, and a tv listing said it was about 56 minutes.

Thanks again for looking into this for me!



Don't have all the running times, but here's some background info on those films.

1-Magic of Walt Disney World 12/20/72 (Theater Short)(first anniversary film)

2-Magic of Walt Disney World 3/31/74 (expanded tv version, shown on the WW of Disney show)(should run around 50-52 minutes, since it aired on network TV)

3-A Dream Called Walt Disney World Video (running time app 30m)
(park souvenir video relesed in 1981, shown on TV in 1982, network unknown)

4-Walt Disney World, A Dream Come True (Expanded version of A Dream Called WDW shown on TDC for 15th Anniv 1986)(runs app 90m., added footage includes updating, and previews of PI, GF, TL and MGM)

Thanks, Frank. (and X-S too!)

The fact that the film was expanded for television explains everything.

I really appreciate this information, because I have a chance to purchase a copy of the film on 16mm, but I wanted to know if it was a one- or two- reeler.


OK, now my curiosity is up - I'd love to hear this "Magic of Walt Disney World" song. I have always enjoyed Buddy Baker's score to the original version of "Magic of Walt Disney World". But in that one there wasn't a song with words.

Anyone have an mp3?
That great Buddy Baker score that's used in A Dream Called WDW" narrated by Steve Forest (1972) was composed for the WDW Preview center film and was used in several projects....after. It was kinda the WDW "Theme Song" ...I think the name is called The Vacation Kingdom or a New Disney World ..something like that....the real name gets kinda lost over Grim Grinning Ghost really The Screaming Song.....or Mickey Mouse March really King Mickey etc...

Wow, the Preview Center film. Now there's something I never thought of! I'll have to begin a hunt for that one.

Thanks again to everyone who viewed/replied.

Jeff (in NY)


Thanks, Frank!

After listening to it, I can say that the music in the song "The Magic of Walt Disney World" is not the music from "The Magic of Walt Disney World", at least not the 30 minute version. I still haven't seen the expanded television version, so it could be something from that, I suppose.

So it wasn't what I was expecting, but still fun to listen to! :)


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Thanks a lot for posting that Frank! I have that show on tape, and I actually watched it this summer for the first time in who knows how many years!



This is the song that is on my clamshell copy of "The Magic of Walt Disney World" video. The MP3 is somewhat slow, though. The song is a bit peppier on the video.
What I was referring to was the background music from the 1972 featurette "The Magic of Walt Disney World", which doesn't have a song with words. Do you know what year the video that you have was produced originally?


Thanks Frank!

Love that 70's style music....I can almost feel myself ridin' the original Peoplemover to that music....ahh....