Question Regarding Haunted Mansion "Disneyland Park" CD

I might have asked this long ago but can't remember back nor did I come up with anything in the way back machine. Does anyone else's Haunted Mansion "Disneyland Park" CD have a loud pop noise before each track? I have bought two of them and both have the same issues before each track. Was this something done on purpose? Was it a bad press? Does the limited edition version of the CD have this same problem? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

X-S Tech

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Did you buy yours from Disneyland? I have this problem on some CD-R's that I burn myself but I don't think it manifests itself regularly, and it seems to always be when I listen to it on my PC, not anywhere else. As near as i can figure it's almost as if the flaw is not usually recognized, but the computer alone picks it up sometimes and you hear that POP. Not 100% certain but that's what it seems like to me. And no my Mansion CD doesn't have that.
I did purchase mine from Disneyland, and the second one from Walt Disney World. As far as I can tell X-S, the problem only occurs when played on my computer as well. Importing the CD via iTunes retains the pop. Although if played normally on a CD player, it sounds fine. I'm at a loss. :(