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What songs are part of "Cinderella's Surprise Celebration"? it cant be the whole show, because the show is 18 minutes. What songs/music is in the "Welcome Medly" on main street?

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While we're at it, let's hear some reviews from those of you lucky enough to already have the new cd. Sharon -- have you removed it from the plastic wrapper yet?


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Besides the great instrumental ride through of Pooh, the other highlight on this album is the alternate version of Star Tours. It differs from the DL OA version in that Randy used a different queue at the beginning for the Star Tours Travel Ad music. Where the DL one used the "Hoth ad" music, this one used "Tatooine" (not sure if that's correct but you get the idea) cool little variant.


Cinderella Surprise & MK Souvenir-DVD

Side note regarding "Cinderella Surprise": the track clocks in at 9:08 with the before mentioned content. The booklet lists the correct songs included in these 9:08 but lists a running time of 15:03 ... which makes one wonder: did Randy maybe create a longer track originally (15:03 to me sounds like the majority of the show with just some dialog cut out) and had to cut it down due to the capacity of the CD??

Regarding the cover: last year's OA had a black cover background, the 2004 one has a blue on.

If you are ordering your OA from DelivEars or shopping for it in the resort you might want to know that there is a new souvenir DVD, too. The "old" "Walt Disney World - Where the Magic Lives" DVD featuring all four theme parks and minor snippets of the rest of the resort is still available but now a new DVD titled "Magic Kingdom - Where the Magic Lives" has been added (similar cover as the new OA). The DVD featurs a roughly 30 minutes long video presenting selected attractions of the Magic Kingdom with characters cut in between. The bonus material is supposed to be 90 minutes long ... which is true and not true at the same time, as the bonus material includes the same park video all over again in two different versions, one time with "trivia facts" showing up on screen in some scenes and one more time with a golden "Mickey-Head" showing up in selected scenes, if the viewer then hits the "Enter"-button of the DVD-remote a slide show is presented with additional information about selected items (e.g. the tie Walt in the Partner Statue is wearing, the names of the trains of the railroad etc.). In some cases short movies are started which can also be seen through the Bonus Feature menu: clips of Walt presenting plans for the "Project Florida" on the TV-show, a ride on the tram down MainStreet (you basically see only the back of the horse and the CM as the camera heads straight forward), a ride on the railroad around the park where guests can choose between watching forward (you basically see the back of the locomotive only) or backward (no great views either as the camera heads straigh backwards out of the train and does not look to the left or right), a multiangle ride on the Riverboat (that one is a nice extra feature), a short opening day clip with Roy Disney, a short introduction by Walt to the Great Moment with Lincoln show ... hope I did not forget anything ... from a musical point of view: there is a 5.1 soundtrack version, but the music is nothing interesting ... I had hoped for the original music played e.g. on the railroad but nothing like that... still for first time visitors a nice souvenir mixing old a new material ... hopefully DVDs for the other parks will follow and will then also include better bonus features!

Still catching up after our trip to WDW--been back just a bit more than a week--seems like MONTHS already......

Good point about the Cinderella track, Dirk--my son(aka, "The Timekeeper") noticed the time discrepancy, too, during his first listen to the CD while we were still in WDW. I'll bet your theory may be right--maybe a last minute re-mix due to the time constraints of the CD. I hope it can expanded to full-length next time, to include the villains, if Randy is able to go to the 2 CD OA set he's mentioned.

Couple of other comments.....

"Destiny" is growing on me a little more, after a few more listens, but what I would really like from the attraction would be the score of the flight to Mars--anyone know who composed it?

And Randy, if you're listening--my wife wanted to extend her many thanks for the Winnie the Pooh ride-through track. She has a great love of the Pooh stories, and really enjoys the attraction--thanks again!

Plug: For those of you who have not been able to obtain your copy of the new Official Album, Radio is now playing the full CD in their playlist. :)


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Man, I need to check in here more often. I picked up the new OA while at WDW two weeks ago, and was eyeing up that DVD. I passed on it not knowing if it was just a re-packed, re-hash of the previous video (which I dont recall being good at all).

Most likely now I'll be picking that up when I head back to WDW in October...

thanks for the info