Question for Tim Hollis and/or Greg Ehrbar




I'm sure you've posted this information elsewhere on this board, but is there a tentative release date for your book yet? And have you picked a title that you both agree on? (In the "Alice in Wonderland LP question DQ-1208" posting, Greg refers to it as "STORY OF DISNEYLAND RECORDS" and Tim calls it "THE DISNEYLAND RECORDS STORY" ;) )
The University Press of Mississippi has the book scheduled for October 2005, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club records (the first ones actually produced by Disney instead of licensed to another company). However, that publication date depends on us having the manuscript finished by October of this year. If we absolutely cannot get everything tied together by then, publication will be set for Spring 2006, the 50th anniversary of the actual Disneyland Records label.

Good question about the title... What it is called, and how that title will appear on the cover, will depend heavily on what sort of clearance we can get from the Disney legal department!


At first we were calling it THE DISNEYLAND RECORDS STORY, then someone referred to it as THE WALT DISNEY RECORDS STORY. However, our book will only cover the pre-CD vinyl period before the label name was changed to Walt Disney Records. Yesterday I referred to it as THE STORY OF DISNEYLAND RECORDS as a fluke, and that sort of sounds nice too, doesn't it? A little more musical and bouncy. Like Tim says, it's not set in stone yet. First we have to finish writing it -- but don't worry, it WILL be published and we hope you like it!


Greg, I love the way "THE STORY OF DISNEYLAND RECORDS" sounds. I agree, it does sound more musical. It gives me a warm nostalgic feeling for some reason. Reminds me of the days of my childhood and those wonderful LPs. Probably because it sounds like the title of a story book or record.
I have already told Greg that I think we're on the right track. How ironic that his "fluke" may turn out to be the most evocative title of all! Maybe that was von of dose subconscious tings dot Ludvig Von Drake vass alvays talkin' about.

The only thing that would make it even more appealing would be to have the cover say "Walt Disney Presents the Story of Disneyland Records," but somehow I think we might run into legal difficulties if we did that.........