Question for Randy: Equatorial Africa at EPCOT

Hi all,

I've been digging and digging lately for information about EPCOT's lost Equatorial Africa pavilion, and searching like crazy for audiovisual evidence from the two shows that were to be created for the pavilion - Heartbeat of Africa and Africa Rediscovered. I've heard in the past that filming had been done for Africa Rediscovered, and I was wondering if Randy had ever seen hide or hair of this in his excavations? Any sound, or any film? I'm just curious to know if it exists....

cheers everyone

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I should soon be able to offer some information pertaining to the music for the Equatorial Africa pavillion. Watch this space.

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I recently viewed the Buddy Baker Collection at the New York University library, which includes some documents pertaining to Equatorial Africa. Some music was definitely recorded, and here is some information from my notes:

Africa Mono Trk Bar Sheet
Recorded on February 19th (year?)

Agboda (Large Drum)
Hi Bell (Atoki)
Lo 2nd Bell (Atoki)
Twaney Bell
Gankogui (Cowbell Gong)
Rattle Axatse
2 Large Toms

Reference to 'Emil'- musician? Percussion?

Kobla Ladzekpo - Kaganu
Leonice Shinneman - Kidi
Jim Snodgrass - Kioi
Chris Armstrong - Gankogui
Alan Golansky - Axatse
Alfred Ladzekpo - Agboba
Agbi Ladzekpo - Sogo

Also included were some drawings of the instruments in question.