Question for Randy: DVD menu music


Bill you restore the music tracks that end up as menu music on the DVDs? I was pleased to find some rare music (Herbie march) on the DVDs and wondered who went to the trouble. Nice detail...if it was you.

X-S Tech

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I'd love to get more info on the music used. It's never mentioned, and yet clearly lots of care goes into selecting the pieces. I'd love to know the origin of the pieces used on the Tomorrowland DVD.

Now if only someone would spend as much effort on the Disney Treasures Opening titles. Computer animation circa 1982.
Hiya Bill!

Actually, I don?t. I sometimes supply the DVD producers with the demo and rare recordings found in the Bonus Features, but that?s about the end of my involvement. However, I am quite flattered that you think I may have been involved. High praise indeed! Let?s see if I can get more Mary Martin released for you

Randy Thornton
Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!!!

Well Bill, admitting our addiction is the first step to recovery!


PS ? I?m still laughing!


I like that too. That's pretty hilarious.