Question for Randy: DL Splash Mountain Track

Randy, why do you leave out the hitchhiking crocodile (why don't you take me along) tracks on the Disneyland Splash Mountain CD tracks?:'(

I'm especially disappointed that you left that part of the soundtrack out on the DL 6-CD set. The hitcchiking croc is one of the best parts of the attraction's soundtrack...and an intengral part of it as well.:'(

And I'm among the many people who feel that you should include this croc's track when you redo your DL Splash Mountain tracks again. Please put it in--it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time once again.

P.S.: The "he's lookin' for a little more adventure..." track, IMO, should be removed from the track, since it cannot be heard in the DL version of the attraction...and the crocodile could take its place.

Rich T

Hi, DisneyPhilip!

While we're waiting for Randy's official answer to this, I just wanted to add a comment, because a few other fans are wishing the gator was in the mix.

I may be in the minority here, but I'm *glad* the gator isn't in the Splash Mtn. Mix. As funny as he is, he has nothing to do with the story and only exists there because he was a cool leftover AA figure from America Sings. Even on my first Spash Mtn. ride, I found him out of place with the plot, like he'd just invited himself into the attraction and planted himself in a random location.

One of the reasons WDW's Splash Mtn story works better is because it *doesn't* have this party-crashing reptile asking to clean your windshield! :)

But, this *is* DL's version we're discussing, so I'm gonna guess that maybe Randy *did* try including Mr. Hitchhiker and that it just didn't work dramatically for the audio. These are not literal take-a-microphone-through-the-ride tracks. Both the Gator and the weird Mourning Bunnies (also lifted intact from America Sings) interrupt the main flow of the music. What may work on a ride (the bunnies distract you while you're heading for the lift hill) may sound jarring and out of place on a music track. Since the bees appear on this version, I'm thinking Mr. Thornton probably did try different combinations and decided on the one that worked best musically.

Just wanted to offer my view. This isn't a criticism of your disappointment, and I know a few others also miss the annoying swamp dweller. I just hope the absence of Mr. Take-Me-Along doesn't derail your enjoyment of what is, hands down, the best Disney Park music collection ever released! :)

- Rich

P.S. Is this a geeky discussion or what? :)