Question for Francois about RATATOUILLE Soundtrack

I really enjoyed the soundtrack album of RATATOUILLE, which reminds me a lot of Henry Mancini scores that have separate little themes that stand on their own.

Since this forum has its own French ambassador, I wonder if Francois could provide some tranlation for the song "Le Festin." I guessing it's about food.

In the words of Steve Martin, "It's like the French have a different word for everything."



I am just back from vacation and just read your post!

At this time, the Ratatouille soundtrack is not out yet (The movie's released on August 1st in France) and I have not heard that song at all!

I will when I hear it!

-- a few seconds later!...

I have found this on YouTube with a recording of the song AND the translation is very good: the singer, while singing in French, is NOT French... to my ears!

Song: Le Festin Artist: Camille Album: Ratatouille Original Movie Soundtrack MANY THANKS to sailemur and NumbuhADGH for the lyrics and translations! Lyrics (French): Les r?ves des amoureux sont comme le bon vin Ils donnent de la joie ou bien du chagrin Affaibli par la faim je suis malheureux Volant en chemin tout ce que je peux Car rien n'est gratuit dans la vie. ?spoire est un pl?t bien trop vite consomm? ? sauter les repas je suis habitu? Un voleur, solitaire, est triste ? nourrir (this is a pun off of 'triste ? mourrir' and 'nourrir'; ) ? nous, je suis amer, je veux r?ussir Car rien n'est gratuit dans la vie. Jamais on ne redira que la course aux ?toiles, ?a n'est pas pour moi Laisser moi vous ?merveillez, prendre mon envol Et sortez les bouteilles, finis les ennuis Je dresse la table, demain nouvelle vie Je suis heureux a l'id?e de ce nouveau destin Une vie ? me cacher, et puis libre enfin Le festin est sur mon chemin Une vie ? me cacher et puis libre enfin Le festin est sur mon chemin. . . . Lyrics (English): The dreams of lovers are like good wine They give joy or even sorrow Weakened by hunger, I am unhappy Stealing on my way everything I can Because nothing in life is free. Hope is a dish too soon finished I am accustomed to skipping meals A thief alone and hungry is sad enough to die (This isn't a direct translation at all, but it's the best way I could think of to explain the pun) As for us, I am bitter, I want to succeed Because nothing in life is free. Never will they say again that I cannot chase the stars Let me fill you with wonder, let me take flight We will finally fea . . . (st). In the close future we will finally (dance / take this....??) And take away the bottles, the troubles are over I set the table; tomorrow is a new life I am happy at the idea of this new destiny A life spent in hiding, and now I'm finally free The feast is on my path A life spent in hiding, and now I'm finally free The feast is on my path. . . I thought i'd post up one of my favorite songs from the hit movie "Ratatouille." Plz support the movie by buying the album., target, walmart, Borders etc. DISCLAIMER: This is a fan made video. I don't own the rights to the video or the music and this video is made for my own entainment purposes. So BACK OFF!
Greg, I love how Disney music has lead me on some interesting musical adventures over the years. After listening to the Ratatouille soundtrack over the past few days, in part as preparation for seeing the film again, hopefully this week, and in part just because I like Michael Giacchino's work, I found myself getting hooked on Camille's song. She seems like a talent worth looking into more--here's an amazon link to her most recent release: