Question for folks who visit DL often... and an OT add-on

Is the Wonderland Music cd burner been down often? I thought that I would be smart and wait until I visited the park to buy up my wish list. We were going to be there 5 days so I assumed that I wouldn't have a problem. I walked into the store on the first day of our visit (Friday) to find that the part of the burner that did the cd labels wasn't working. However....I was informed that it might be repaired on Monday. Stopped in Saturday and Sunday just in case... Stopped in on Monday night and asked a different cast member if the burner had been fixed. He looked at me sort of oddly and stated that it hadn't been fixed and it hadn't worked for sometime. He stated that they did have a few spares made up in advance and that he would see which cd's on my list he would be able to sell me. They had 3 of around 30 so. He took my order down and stated that someone would call me when the machine was fixed but I don't feel real good about the chances of this happening.

So did I just hit a bad time or is this a regular sort of thing....

Also...while you are here...when did Beverly B retire from the gallery? I was really hoping to see her one more time. the rest of the world as underwhelmed with the US Mummy Attraction as we were?


I dunno about the burners, I haven't tried in awhile now. *curses work for not giving her any hours/money*

But as to The Mummy, I was VERY underwhelmed. Even my parents were bored, and they can't even handle Rock'n'Rollercoaster.


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I would say that the the CD system has some sort of debilitating problem (at least one component out of many) at least once every two weeks. I was also there trying to get some CD's that Friday. All in all that shutdown lasted over a week. I finally got "A Musical Tour of France" and "Tubby the Tuba" last night. The CM was telling me a few of the problems which seem to me to contribute to, or impede fixing, these breakdowns. For one, the Main Console that the Burner runs on and that the CM uses, is a PC while the personal kiosks that each guest uses are MAC's. Don't know for sure if that's a problem but it sure seemed silly to me. I assume there are several communication gaps that must be bridged for these two system to work together, and that that takes time and money that could easily be spent elsewhere. Also he mentioned with this last breakdown that the technician who's going to repair it was going to have to come from several states away (I wanna say Michigan?). Anyway, for all Randy's hard work, it seems that there will always be hurdles.

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If I may suggest an improvement for the next phase of Wonderland Music though, the system really needs an "Out of Order" screen display. I've witnessed several people going through the ordering process only to be told by the time that they get to register to pay that "Oh sorry we can't make CD's today". I'm sure breakdown was a possibility that everybody involved was too excited to think about but as it does happen a lot this sort of thing seems necessary.


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A DL CM friend of mine who oftenworks at 20th Century Music told me that they have no local support for the kiosks. Whenever the software crashes they have to call someone in Scottsdale, AZ to fix it!
Exactly...X S Tech...

I stood there and entered close to 28 cds while the CM was standing behind the counter watching me. He never indicated that the machines weren't working. After I completed my order, I walked up to the counter and asked how the rest of this purchase process works...and the guy said...I'm sorry but the cd Burners aren't working.


And Sharon...why are you always so oppositional? (g)
Hi Bean, I don't think you need to "order" a CD through the machine. They have a worksheet there, and you can just ask a CM for it and check whatever you want to buy and hand it over back to the CM. I did it once when I was trying to get 2 CD's but none of the machines were available... to many kids were playing :mad: -Matt


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Aw c'mon know you love it .

OK..."Fort Sharon & Joe" is ready...we've got water, food, clothing, tools, pillows, you name it. Our "safe hall" has been designated. The contents of our entire patio (except the BBQ) is in our living room. I'd just as soon Charley stayed as far away as possible, though.

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The system has often been malfunctioning, sending me home sans CDs several trips to the park. I'm told they replaced the entire burning unit in recent weeks. The label printer was a problem at one point too.

This is such a cool thing, I hope it isn't waylaid by continued technical snafus.