Question About Ordering A Musical History Of Disneyland


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I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still order the Musical History Of Disneyland CD after the special LP copies are sold out. I personally don't really care if I get the limited edition with the LP or not, I just really want the six CD set.
So, what I'm asking is, if DL & WDW is sold out of the 5000 copies with the LP, will I still be able to order a copy of the 6 CD? Or after the special 5000 copies with the LP are released will I have to wait until September when they re-issue them again?
Any info would be much appreciated.


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You will still be able to get the non-LP version at the parks and at In September the set will then be available at most stores like Best Buy, etc.
If you can live without the gold LP -- and can stand waiting until September (two very big "ifs" I know, lol) -- I'd hold off and just order the national 6-CD set when it's available.

You'll be saving a fair amount of cash by doing so -- Amazon will likely have some kind of discount, plus no tax. If it's priced like most Amazon CDs, the final cost will probably be $30 less than what it will cost from buying directly from Disneydirect (even with the free s/h right now you're still paying tax).

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