Question about audio on Lady and the Tramp DVD

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I usually do not upgrade to DVD on a film I already have on VHS unless the bonus features make it worth my while. However I got Lady and the Tramp on DVD for free back when Snow White was released on DVD. My two year old just recently got into it, and it plays at least once a night in our house. Her new favorite question is "Shall we talk about Lady and the Tramp?". Any way I seem to remember when this DVD was released, there being some line omitted from teh remastered soundtrack. All I remember is that someone off screen, Aunt Sarah I believe, is singing, or makes some comment, and Lady gives a facial reaction. Apparently Aunt Sarah's line was left out of the remastered version, making Lady's reaction seem out of place and unnecessary. Can anyone fill in any details? I thought that this effected all the DVD's but I can't find the omission on mine. In fact if it's the spot I'm thinking of, mine most definately is in tact. Just curious for some details. I'll most likely be upgrading to the 2 disc version come Feb of 2006 anyway but am still interested to know. Thanks.
My memory of this is that the most recent VHS and Laserdisc release of Lady had a mistakenly mixed soundtrack where they used the forgein mus/efx track with the domestic dialogue - this screwed some of the lines that were on the domestic mus/efx track, like Aunt Sarah's which simply disappeared - - as well as screwing some of the songs where they had "ooh ooh" chorus from foreign versions mixed with domestic chorus w/lyrics.

A mess was made about it and they fixed it when the DVD came out sometime later in that initial massive group of DVD titles.

Speaking of Lady - - the DVD mix (like the earlier VHS release) makes use of the original 50's >true stereo< music track and is far superior to the strangely mono CD soundtrack album - - I have no idea why the mono master was used for that. I've heard some of the stereo music only stems and they are striking! Sad about the CD.