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Here is my 2 cents on the whole Project Disney madness that seems to be going on currently.

I think that since it is a fresh upstart of an FTP server that while the files are few in number, a uniform naming system should be put in place...or better yet, correctly naming the files and then putting them through the naming system. A suggestions might be -

"Park Name - Land - Attraction - Track Title"

or some such variation. But needless to say, correctly labeled files are a necessity in order to A) eliminate duplicates, and B) to stop people from trading misnamed stuff. (Epcot Closing Music could be renamed to something more like "World Showcase Lagoon, "Illuminations (25)" 3 of 4"...just an example)

Also, why aren't we allowed to see the "incoming" directory? Maybe I'm just super-suspicious these days, but not knowing what gets uploaded makes me think that maybe we aren't seeing it all presented when it does get "sorted" out into the "Downloads" area. How are we to know that people aren't uploading gems and the admin isn't just keeping all the good stuff for him/herself? Just curious. I don't know why I should feel like this, because obviously everyone within the Disney trading community can be trusted... :- right?

I know I'm a wet blanket on the wildfire that is spreading with all this FTP mumbo-jumbo, but, anywho, that's my opinion...for whatever it is worth (and clearly it is worth 2 cents, since I stated that at the top of the post).

Thank you for your time.
I agree on the file naming part. I did notice that they had "Listen to the land" from the 1988 OST uploaded twice as 2 different names. The file labeling show be:

Disney Park - Attraction - Title
Ex) Walt Disney World - The Land - Living With The Land

Dr. Know

They also had DCA files in the Magic Kingdom folder...

but the ftp appears to be down now so all this is moot :-

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Hi Everyone, Those are all wonderful ideas, and I will share them with Iago.... As you may know, anyone trying to access the FTP today was not able to get on... Some of the files are being moved around, others I believe are being taken out, and new fresh files being added. You also have to understand what Iago has set up with his FTP, he only has about 3 to 4 GB of transer rate, and the FTP has well over 1 GB now..... It will take time for the files you are all posting, I know some of my files have not been posted yet either....