RUMOR has it that Florida's bears MAY be closing. I found this info out from a freind who knows someone who will be playing Goofy this summer. I have already emailed WDW and am awaiting a reply. If ANYONE has ANY info on this at all PLEASE speak up


I really doubt that there's truth to this rumor. There's nothing planned to replace the building, and being that there isn't much in Frontierland to begin with, it's unlikely they'd close it. As it stands, it still gets a lot of visitors daily, and it's still used for E-Ride nights.
Maybe it could just be a "temporary closure" to install the Vacation Hoedown for the summer, which was talked about earlier this year.

It'd be nice to see the Vacation show again...and have them rotatle all 3 bear band shows throughout the year.
I'm certainly no expert but I doubt if the attraction is closing.

The Country Bears movie is coming out this summer so perhaps it's just some sort of modification like the Vacation Hoedown or a new show to tie in with the movie.

Hmmmmmm......... that just gave me an idea. They should have the Bears themselves record a DVD Commentary track for the movie like the Muppets and Spinal Tap have done for their discs!
The lovely CMs have been given a whole stack of sickers promoting the new film to hand out...

I have emailed all of the ones I have "access" to...and they are looking for it. So far, they don't know anything.

I will be talking to an Imagineer ;) ... and hopefully he may prove this wrong...

I will be at Grizzly Hall/MK Shortly to research.

If it's true though...It's the end of the World... :-[