Portion of Swiss Family Robinson OST released: January 24

Hello All,

Great news! Portions of the OST from Disney's 1960 Swiss Family Robinson will be released next Tuesday (January 24, 2006) in the compilation CD 'The Film Music of William Alwyn, Vol. 3'

Pre-orders can be placed at Amazon.com...


William Alwyn also composed the music for 'In Search of the Castaways' and 'Third Man on the Mountain' (aka Banner in the Sky (USA: TV title). His filmography listing can be found at...



Squalls Ahead :)

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Sorry, the Amazon link is not working. Just go to Amazon, select 'Popular Music' and type 'William Alwyn' into the search function.
Thanks for the post, Squalls--nice work finding this obscure info. I'm not familiar with William Alwyn--thanks for the link to his film work. Chandos puts out some interesting CD's--I'll add these two to my list.

BTW, as you all probably know, In Search of the Castaways is finally out on DVD--couldn't find it in Best Buy though, when I picked up Summer Magic and That Darn Cat before Christmas.

The CD arrived in the mail today. Although the recordings are not original, they are masterful reconstructions that are true to the originals.

There are 3 'Swiss Family Robinson' tracks on the CD:

09) Main Titles [3:01]
10) At Home [2:29]
11) Ostriches and Waterslides [3:20]

The price of the CD is well worth these 3 selections alone.