"Pop" Versions of Songs from Pete's Dragon


I'm a Noob!
I just picked up the new DVD release of "Pete's Dragon: High-Flying Edition" and particularly enjoyed a portion of the new special features: music! The DVD contains four music tracks from what is referred to on the disc as "pop" versions of songs from the film, only released on a promotional record. When you play the songs, an image of a Buena Vista record shows on the screen and the label appears to show a catalog number of "545" and is marked "PROMOTIONAL NOT FOR SALE" (of course, this is assuming these are actual label images and not just a mock up for the DVD). I can't find any info about this record and, while it's great that Disney included this sort of thing as a bonus on the DVD, it would have been better if they provided a little more info along with the tracks. According to the label image shown on screen, the tracks are arranged on the record as follows:

Side One: There's Room For Everyone and Candle on the Water
Side Two: It's Not Easy and Brazzle Dazzle Day

In addition to these four tracks, the DVD also contains four tracks that are demo/alternate/deleted songs from the film.

A great DVD bonus, but would have been better with some additional info.