Pop-Hit or Disney-Song?


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I wonder wether anybody out here had similar experiences already to the one I had yesterday - we driving downtown in a friends car during the lunchbreak when they planed "Two Worlds, One Family" on the radio and I couldn't resist to say "Hey, tehy play a song from a Disney animated feature" (well not with those words but...) and all the other guys in the car looked at me like "What does he mean?" and one said "Disney? That's not Disney, that's Phil Collins!". For sure I did explain them that the song was from Disney's animated version of Tarzan, and two of them actually remembered that after I had "helped" them a bit.

The question that came to my mind after this experience is: how often is that happening? In the past if a Disny song played on the radio people would more or less instantely connect it to a Disney movie. Alan Menken's hit are great examples for that, e.g. "A Whole New World" and especially "Beauty and the Beast", but since Disney has decided to let pop-stars write and perform themselfes the songs for the animated features they not only stirred up hot debates among us Disney music fans but it seems they have succeeded in separating the movie and the music in the heads of the "normal" customer. Sure the sale of the soundtrack CD with all those great songs of Phil Collins performed by the star does bring in a lot of money, but on long term aren't you loosing image and money if people can't connect those songs anymore with Disney???

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Good point, except for one thing...when was the last time Disney paid that much attention to the future? It looks to me that everything nowadays is for the "here and now," especially if it involves money.

Dirk, don't get me started again on whether the characters should sing again or not--I've been on hiatus from that thread the past few weeks--but you did site an interesting example that could get me started again.....Michael.


I think Can You Feel the Love Tonight is also more associated with Elton John than Disney or The Lion King. A friend of mine told after seeing the film that he prefers the original (Elton's) version of that particular song over the one used in the film. I think he realized it was written for the film, but it sounded a little funny to me.


To you, perhaps. I prefer most of the "movie versions" myself as well.

Odds are, not to the general public, however.

Remember, we're a group with a very specialized interest. I highly doubt our opinions reflect those of the public at large, or even necessarily those of all Disney fans in general.