Pooh, Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Alice, Etc.


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I LOVE Disney music and I was hoping someone here could help me complete my collection. I have all of the official soundtracks, including the imported Aristocats CD and what I"d like to know is what compilation CD's will help me get the songs to the animated features not to have a soundtrack album? Specifically, the Sword In the Stone, Robin Hood, The Fox & the Hound, The Black Cauldron, and the package features. I'd also like to know which Pooh CD's have the film recordings of the songs. Every time I've bought a Pooh CD it always has a rerecording with the new actors. This seems to be the place for the expert fans so I was hoping I could at long last get the remainder of the songs. :) It's a shame that all of this has been released to LP and I grew up with it but just can't find it on CD. :(

Why wasn't Rescue Aid Society on the Rescuers Down Under CD?

Also, why hasn't If I Never Knew You ever been released on CD yet? Even on a compilation disc. I'd love to get a copy of it. I doubt we'd ever get a special edition Pocahontas CD but I'd love one with all of the cut lyrics put back in the songs and the demos included. Musically it's one of the finest of the recent films. :)

This may be a long shot too but has anyone ever made available the Alice in Wonderland demos from the Laserdisc?

I see Randy Thorton gets asked questions here as well and I have one. Why was the Aristocats released overseas in a CD with score but not in the US?