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Can anyone tell me about the album "The Best of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too"? I notice that it seems to contain about 50% older pooh titles and 50% newer pooh titles. Can anyone tell me if the newer stuff are the recordings from the animated films or newly recorded?


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It's all the newly recorded stuff, sadly. What I wouldn't give for the original Sterling Holloway tracks on a CD! Sure we got some many years ago, but the full "Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" soundtrack would be absolutely wonderful to have!!

I still don't quite get why they rerecorded them and continue to use those tracks over, and over, and over, and over...
Well said Ben - my thoughts exactly!


David, glad to see you're still here.I've read your comments on the Disneyland NGS from the late 1990s (partly in retrospect,through Google-you're ALWAYS welcome to post again on rec.arts.disneyparks--and I admired the letter that you let that "Carolyn" poster post regarding the classic Tiki Room, as well as your thoughts in said subject!)

I hate that Paul Winchell is not allowed to play Tigger (another Cumming role) EVEN THOUGH HE IS ALIVE AND SEEMS TO BE STILL FIT AS A FIDDLET CRAB.

They also did this in 1960s-70s Disney albums as well--most notable on a 1969 Lady and the Tramp album--none of the original voices, most then still living were on it. Granted, back then almost everyone in voices were still of the golden age of radio (same as Mel Blanc at Warners, Daws Butler at Hanna Barbera and Warners,and Disney's Sterling Holloway,etc.) and the replacements (Ginny Tyler in lieu of Barbara Luddy as Lady, Dal McKennon clearly being the Tramp voice ala his voice of Art Clokey's Pokey instead of Larry Roberts,Howard Morris instead of Stan Freberg as the beaver, Mae West!! instead of PEggy Lee aspeg--well, good choice-- who frees Lady-these costarring voices I'm just guessing regarding the album) though excellent sound VERY different (LADY did NOT have Ms.Tyler's high pitched voice-oft-used in Hanna-Barbera shows like SPACE GHOST and DePatie-Freleng's remake of HB/Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR and in Disney's own work quite frequently-Barbara Luddy who did the voice was MUCH lower pithced!Still both ladies did well) , and the Haunted Mansion record subsitiuted Pete Renoudet/Peter Reneday for Paul Frees as the ghost host (Thrul Ravenscroft, heard like Mr.Frees allthroughout the parks-as if THAT needed to be repeated!!!-provided the 1969 album HAUNTED MANSION narration-Robie Lester and Ron Howard as two teenagers added to the story and it being doen STRIAGHT!!)..and so on.On the other hand JUNGLE BOOK onwards, original case voices would be used.

(Hanna-Barbera records, getting a bit off topic, did the same voice substituion ever more so.)

I woudl guess regarding LatT that Freberg and Peggy Lee (if that AIN'T her on the 1969 record outside of course singing) were too high profile not to charge extra money..of course Paul Frees was not "celebrity voice", but I was told by longtime cartoon historian/writer Mark Evanier (SCOOBY DOO, GARFIELD, GROO) that Frees charged himself WAY out of the avergae cartoon producer's price league.

Anyway, I wish we could build a time machine, or Walt WAS deep frozen and could be resusitcated, and smae for the long dead Walt-era voice actors so they could PARTICIPATE in the newer Disney films, at least for resurrection of their own classic roles!