Polyphonic Disney ring tones?


Anyone know a source for good quality polyphonic Disney ringtones? I just got a Sony Ericsson T306 last week and have been impressed with the MIDI tones but have been able to find many Disney tones for it. Any help?


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Disney ringtones are VERY hard to find nowadays....there were LOTS of them for a while (most of them bootlegs) and then most of them disappeared about a year or so ago. They're still available in Europe, but unfortunately those ringtones don't work in the States (I'm assuming you're in the States).

I would start at the homepage for your calling plan. AT&T has a Disney ringtones you can pay for. Verizon has none (which is why we're dropping Verizon when our contract expires). I would also suggest doing a Google search for "ringtones U.S." and see what you can find.

Good luck! Wish I could be more helpful.

Try www.matrixm.com, there are a lot of Disney ringtones you could download. You can even make your own ringtone through their website with your midi's. Hope this helps. -Matt ;D

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Heh, funny topic. My VoiceStream Ericsson T28 doesn't let you download tones, but you can type in your own as Custom Tones if you have the skill. Such skill is easy to learn, and I've been typing up Disney tunes ever since I figured it out. :)

Everyone that's ever around when my phone rings is also really impressed when "Yo Ho" starts playing. They're always asking me where I got it. ;D