PodCast Anyone?


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Hey guys. I have been a fan of Disney music parks and movies alike for some time now and I only recently stumbled upon this site. I have been combing the site for the past few days and it seems like some of you guys have a lot of material and know your stuff. I am very interested in the Disney PodCast community and I want to make one of my own, but there are so many out there covering the normal stuff that it seems so hard to come up with something original. Then, I had the idea to do a show based on Disney Music. So what I am asking is, does any one want to be my co-host or would just want to possibly contribute some audio at some point (I have a lot, but I don't have everything). Also, how many of you would just be interested in listening?

As far as a co-host goes, I need someone that would be dedicated enough to be able to record a show every week, have the technical know-how to do some audio editing, possibly some website work and of course recording. They also may have to lay down some money to get some equiptment, if you already have some, that is a big plus. A must is of course having a large amount of Disney Audio and information, the more the better.

Thanks for your feedback!

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I might be interested in listening.

Keep in mind, you don't necessarily have to have a different gimmick to attract listeners, only an appealing way of doing what you do. As with any form of entertainment, personality is a plus- I've heard a few podcasts where the info and material was fine, but the hosts and thier delivery was just attrocious. There's plenty of places to find the info on these podcasts, but it's the individual presentation that will make or break it. Good luck!