PMs Read or Unread?


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Just a quick question.
After opening a PM (but not making a reply), they are still showing as "unread".
Those I have replied to show as "read".
I can't find a way (or an option) to make them show "read".
I've left them open for a while (in case there's a time limit like I have for email), refreshed the page, logged out and in again but they still show as unread.
What am I missing :)

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I can't find a way (or an option) to make them show "read".
I have got four or five messages in my Inbox that don't want to change to "read" either. No clue as to why. :unsure:

I am happy to report that IP.Board 3.0 will have an entirely new personal message system that will blow everyone away!

It actually has private "conversations" that work exactly like regular topics/posts but that are visible only to the person(s) you choose. You can send out "invitations" or "copies" to multiple recipients. An "invitation" allows all invited members to participate in a single conversation. "Copy" sends a separate conversation to each member.

Your list of conversations will show Topic Name, Starter, To, Replies, Last Message By, etc., and have icons that show new messages, read and unread messages, and allow you to jump to the first unread message in a conversation, etc.

You can mark each conversation read or unread and also turn notifications on or off.

Lots more to come! All very cool! B)