Plug: WDW Soarin' BGM Now Playing On MI Radio


So the loop that is currently playing on MI Radio is at the correct speed?

Where can I find the cut and paste version of the loop, or is that the version on MI Radio? I have looked in all the usual places, and I've never seen the WDW Soarin' Loop anywhere except on MI Radio.

Wow! I love Disney music from MouseInfo. I love all the background music used in theme parks. If I like all of them, I have cassettes so that I can record my Disney BGM music on my tape recorder so that I would add it to my iTunes soon.

Landon B.

New Member
I don't think its been fixed, I just listened to it to see myself since I have half of the file and comparing it to mine, it certainly seems like its still playing faster than its normal speed.
I have not personally gone into fix the issue for I am sadly no longer apart of Radio (my choice). The speed was the outcome of a bad encoder of the .sfd file.