Plug: WDW Soarin' BGM Now Playing On MI Radio

For all those folks wanting to hear the complete Soarin' BGM Loop, MI Radio has it playing now. :) Enjoy.

Sorry about this being a plug for another website, I just know many of you really wanted to hear this loop for a complete tracklisting. It took me forever to obtain this.


Real-life Harry Caul
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Thanks for the link! Listening to it right now.

One note: it sounds badly off-speed (too fast!).


Real-life Harry Caul
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It's being played back at ~116% of its original speed, which means that an ~86% pitch shift is in order

1.16 * 0.86 = ~1

It definitely sounds much better.


MI, great job on the loop. Very enjoyable to listen to. Also, nice to have MI Radio online again in the new Flash player format.
Thanks Tannerman, it was a pain getting the original .sfd audio file converted... Thanks to another member on the boards, you know who you are...;) Glad to see people are enjoying this flash based radio station. I personally like it because it gives everyone the choice to pick what they listen too... :)

Dr. Know

Let me echo Doug's observation -- the loop is being played at the wrong speed. Otherwise, thank you for making it available. I know that several of us are frantically tearing through our cd collections in an attempt to produce an accurate tracklist.


This is one loop that I've been looking for since I first heard in the Soarin' Queue this May. Thanks!!

It does seem a bit fast. I don't know anything about .sdf files. How did you get the loop? Just curious.

I have a friend working on the audio speed. So far, progress seems to be going good, and I shall have the new audio file posted very soon. I will announce when its re-posted on MI radio. :)


?????????Soarin? Queue Loop:??????
Track #:???Artist:???Album:???Track Title:???Misc. Info:

1???Jerry Goldsmith???Explorers???Have A Nice Trip?
2???Bill Conti???The Right Stuff??????Kunzel

3???Stu Phillips???Battlestar Galactica??????

4???Jerry Goldsmith???Air Force One???Welcome Aboard, Sir???

5???Cliff Eidelman???Chirstopher Columbus: The Discovery???The Broken Cloud???

6???Alan Silvestri???Contact???Awful Waste Of Space???

7???Jerry Goldsmith???Medicine Man???The Trees???

8???George Delerue???Steel Magnolias???Main Titles???

9???Bruce Broughton???The Rescuer's Down Under???Cody's Flight??

10???Bruce Broughton???The Boy Who Could Fly???The Hospital - Flying???Kunzel

11???Michael Small???Consenting Adults???Good Friends???

12???Lee Holdridge???Jonathan Livingston Seagull???Dear Father???Kunzel

13???Alan Silvestri???Father Of The Bride???End Titles???

14???John Barry???Indecent Proposal???Suite???

15???James Horner???Apollo 13???"All Systems Go" - The Launch??

16???James Horner???An American Tail???Flying Away & End Credits??

17???John Williams???Always???Among The Clouds???

18???James Horner???Apollo 13???Re-Entry & Splashdown?

19???David Newman???Mr. Destiny??????

20???James Newton Howard???Dave???Main Titles???

21???John Williams???Always???Dorinda Solo Flight???

22???David Arnold???The Musketeer???Main Title???

23???John Williams???Hook???Prologue???

24???James Newton Howard???The Grand Canyon???Main Title???Kunzel

25???Craig Safan???The Last Starfighter???Main Title???Kunzel

26???James Horner???Field Of Dreams???End Credits???

27???Alan Silvestri???Contact???End Credits???

28???Trevor Jones???Arachnophobia???End Title???

29???James Newton Howard???Dave???End Titles???

30???John Williams???Far And Away???The Land Race???

31???Jerry Goldsmith???Explorers???Have A Nice Trip???

32???Rachel Portman???Emma???End Title???

33???James Horner???The Rocketeer???Rocketeer To The Rescue - End Title???

34???Lee Holdridge???The Great Whales???Sailing???Kunzel

35???Joel McNeely???Return To Neverland???Flight Through Neverland??

36???Jerry Goldsmith???Medicine Man???The Trees???

37???James Horner???A Beautiful Mind??????

38???John Williams???Far And Away???The Land Race???

39???Michael Kamen???Band Of Brothers???Suite No. 1


I am not sure about the track names, can someone please confirm? TIA!!!

3???Stu Phillips???Battlestar Galactica???- which recording?

37???James Horner???A Beautiful Mind???what track?

Dr. Know


This has to be one of the most elaborate (and succesful) cut-and-paste jobs in the history of Disney music loops. I tip my mouse ears to whoever at WDI was responsible for selecting and editing it.

In the above list (which I compiled with Thx99 and WDWGuy), "Kunzel" refers to Erich Kunzel's various recordings with the Cincinnati Pops released on Telarc. We "earballed" these cues in the loop and determined that they were not from the OSTs, and instead matched up with Kunzel's excellent recordings.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is a problem. There are a number of excellent recordings of this tv theme by Stu Phillips. Instead of using a performance with the Cincinnati Pops or the RNSO, the recording incorporated here features a thin-sounding orchestra, and possibly some synths thrown in to beef up the brass. Could it be from the "25th Anniversary" release of the OST? I still have to check that possibility. My fear is that it derives from some cheapo "Great TV Themes" cd of the type you can pick up in the Supermarket checkout for 99 cents. Let's hope not!

The very short (approx. 30 second) clip from A BEAUTIFUL MIND is also problematic. I'm having trouble matching it up with the OST. I may just have to submit to the pain of listening to the entire cd from beginning to end, something that I have been putting off.

Oh, MR. DESTINY is from the track called "Mr. Destiny" on the OST. No mystery there.

Thanks in advance to any of you sharp-eared listeners can help us solve the few mysteries that remain!



Thanks for this track listing.It sounds like a great loop.I wonder if they'll ever have music specifically composed,arranged, or recorded for Epcot ever again. I hope so.


Dr. Know and I have confirmed that it is NOT that track! Also, we are still unsure about the 37th track, which we believe to be a beautiful mind! any ideas?

I have also updated my track listing and questions!!!

X-S Tech

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Hmmmm.... I'm not sure whether I like this loop or not. On teh one hand, I like that they've tried to capture more of the general feel of flight in the music, as opposed to DCA's version which instead captures the feel of Fighter pilots suiting up and getting into their planes. While the music at DCA is good, it's a very militaristic, very specific type of flight image that's conjured, and one that doesn't have very much to do with the attraction. This new EPCOT version at least goes for the more general mood of flying- BUT some of those selections, while good music on it's own, really conjures up images too out of theme for my taste, specifically the selections from Hook, American Tail, and Father of the Bride. That's just me, I'm sure there are plenty of similar audio intrusions in other playlists around the parks, but this is the first one where I really was thrown out of the atmosphere by the music.

I'll second the vote to restart the practice of writing original area music for the parks.


thanks again mouseinfo for the help and same to you dr. know we all have worked very hard on this loop take care my firends!!!


It was mentioned earlier that this recording of this loop is being played at the wrong speed. Has this been fixed? I wonder if it would be possible to use the track list given and make a "source" version of the loop using the original CD's. I have most of the soundtracks mentioned in the list.