Plug: Disney Album Link Page

Simply amazing. It's been ages since I last heard Bedknobs & Broomsticks - "The Age Of Not Believing" from that record. I always loved that version. I wish these titles would eventually end up on the Wonderland Kiosks.


Wow, what a trip! Thanks SO much for posting this link!!!! I was so excited to see the Sleeping Beauty album there. I have that same LP and cassette version but I don't have either here at college.

ABSOLUTELY made my day!!!

Have a great day,
This kind of feedback makes it worth all my effort. I basically made the pages so my Grandkids could hear these great Disney LPs from my childhood. I mean it's all well and good that some of these things are available at the Disney Parks if you can afford to go to any of them. None of my family has the time or resources to do so. I wanted my Grandkids to have some good music and stories to listen to instead of the space age, anime crap they put out now days.
GREAT stuff!! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put this all together! What a great idea!

When I return to the states, I'll gladly send ya "Pete's Dragon" in spanish if ya like! hee hee ;D

This all sincerely makes me smile all the way out here in Tokyo!

Thank you!!!!!!


ps- I actually HAD that Three Little Bears album! I can't wait to here it again!