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Re:plug: 1616 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site

In your haste you posted the incorrect name and URL for the website. The name is 1313 South Harbor Blvd (Disneyland's address) and the site can be found at

Please use care when downloading from here and don't be a 'leach'
Is a leach someone who downloads music for free, or just someone who does it too much?

In this case, a leach would be somebody that downloads every bit of material available for download without any regard for bandwidth usage or other resource-hogging. Typically they will try to download multiple things at once and create delays on the host site. There are automated leaching systems that run unattended.

Wherever you stand on the copyrighted material issue, Leaching is wrong under any circumstances.

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Well, it sounds like you are referring to a very technical definition of Leaching, which I was not aware existed. I thought you were just using the term as a derrogatory, without any real defenition of what a "Leach" is. without the technical definition, I figure, where do the boundary's lie? Is 5 downloads a day excessive, or 10? Just curious.

If downloading copyrighted material is a debatable issue, than why isn't leaching? Perhaps you're just more financially impacted in one case than another.

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Anybody notice that 1313 South Harbor Boulevard suddenly uploaded a new 8 disc set consiting entirely of music loops?

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Yeah that's all stuff that's been around for quite a while, but perhaps not as easily accessible as that site makes it.


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Nothing they have is commercially available. As soon as they host music someone can purchase, you can bet Disney would be all over them. Disney knows they're there.

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"Nothing they have is commercially available"

Actually that's not exactly true. Disney doesn't sell any of the albums as they are on that site, but a number of those fan albums contain things straight off (or slightly modified) Disney Commercial tracks. And most of them contain pieces that for all the average guest would know, are identical to Disney tracks.

The Tiki Room Album for example, has the Tiki Room Show which, while it has slightly different mix results than the Wonderland Music shop version that was released, sounds virtually identical. I'm certain Disney would have a problem with that. The fan album contains everything thats on the commercial album and a whole lot more. A potential buyer of the Commercial version doesn't need to buy it anymore. And not only does the Fan album cut into what Disney already sells, but also on what they might be able to sell in the future. Perhaps on some distant Tiki Room Anniversary Disney decides to release a Tiki Room Album complete with rare instrumental tracks and outtakes. But then they decide that that stuffs been out there too long in bootleg form and there's no way to make money off of it. I know it's not likely that they would ever put out the Dole Pineapple film that's on that fan album, but saying "I'm just releasing it cause Disney won't" is a pretty weak arguement.