Please Update me on New Disney CDs


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Hi all! I've been gone awhile and I come back to find the message boards very different.

The reason for this message is I'm hoping you can all catch me up on the Disney CD releases over the past 6-8months to a year. I'd like to know what was released at the parks (WDW, DL, TDL and PDL) and what was released in general stores.

Your help is very appreciated!

- Jeff DeWitt


Hey Jeff,

For the park cds, check out The Walt Disney World Song Archive Their "Disney Park CD, Tape and Record Guide" is completely up to date so far as I know except for the recent release of the Disney Theme Park Sing-Along from 1997 on cd a few months ago.

As for soundtracks, the last year has seen the release of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Monsters, Inc., Beauty and the Beast Special Edition, Newsies, Tron, Pete's Dragon, The Rescuers Down Under including 3 tracks from The Rescuers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Return to Neverland, James and the Giant Peach, Disney's Superstar Hits, as well as the rerelease of the Classic Soundtrack Series. I know I'm probably missing some more, but I can't think of what they might be right now. Check out Walt Disney Records for a complete listing.