Please ID this track from WDW DVD


Hi All,

During my visit to WDW earlier this year, I purchased the WDW DVD (the blue one which has the "bonus" Walt Disney Story).

I have watched it a couple of times now, and each time I do, I hear some fantastic background music which I cannot identify. It occurs at the start of the Animal Kingdom section, and also briefly near the end of the show.

It reminds me somewhat of the October Sky soundtrack (by Mark Isham - one of my favourite ever soundtracks, and a highly recommended movie).

I have made a short MP3 (656kb) of the AK section to help, and because you are such a talented bunch I am sure someone will have IDed it within 24 hours.

The link is:

If this link doesn't work, go to:

(I think you may need a Yahoo account to access these links)

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Know

This has come up before... take a look at this thread:

I was in touch with Alex after this, and neither one of us could identify the music... and I have a large soundtrack collection. In the end, I decided that it was just an unusually good piece of stock music, and not taken from a soundtrack, unfortunately. If anyone knows otherwise, please speak up.



Thanks Jim,

I cannot believe that it is a stock piece; surely it was written by John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith! Judging by the lack of replies (to both this & the previous thread), it appears that you may be quite right :(.

Is there an address at the Walt Disney Company that we can send these kind of unanswered questions to?