Please Help: Can you name this LP?

Rich T.

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Hi, everyone. Can anyone out there tell me the name of this awesome LP I had as a child back in the 60's? Here's what I can tell you:

It was a musical tour of Disneyland hosted by Jiminy Cricket. Rather than focusing on rides or attractions, it introduced the listener to the characters and legends through songs.

It contained two excellent theme songs: One for Frontierland and one for Tomorrowland. I've never heard these pieces anywhere else.

I can remember these other songs from it:

Perry the little Grey Squirrel
The Sons of Liberty
Alice in Wonderland (fast tempo version)
I'm Late (unique version)
How D'you Do & Shake hands (unique version)
Unbirthday Song (unique version)
The Work Song (unique version)

That's about all I can remember. Ring any bells? Thanks for your help!

- Rich
I'm surprised no one else has answered this yet... my pal Greg Ehrbar must be snowed under with work at his office or he would have weighed in on it himself.. but the LP you are thinking of is probably
the one on the Golden Records label (which Greg recently provided to me) that featured Jiminy describing the wonders of Disneyland, and it compiled several of the previously-issued Little Golden Record releases (the Frontierland song, the Adventureland song, Art Carney playing Uncle Remus, the Alice songs, and so forth).

It is possible, but not probable, that you could also be thinking about the 1957 version of "A Day At Disneyland." This was originally released in 1956 as "Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland," the first official production of Disneyland Records that did not consist of movie sound track music. At that time it featured only introductory narration by Walt himself, after which the musical suites for each "land" would carry things. Apparently not enough people were familiar enough with Disneyland at that time for their imaginations to fill in the blanks, so the next year further comments by Cliff Edwards as Jiminy were added to help carry the story. Walt's narration was left intact, however.

Now things are REALLY confusing, right? I really think the Golden Records one is what you are remembering, though.


Yes, all these songs appeared on a Golden Records Lp entitled Disney Song Parade performed by Mitch Miller & the Sandpipers, with singers Cliff Edwards, Art Carney, and Anne Lloyd doing much of the lead vocal on the Fantasyland songs on this album, and narration spots by Jiminey Cricket.
I am not sure who performs the folklore songs, which included:
Johnny Appleseed
Pecos Bill
Wringle Wrangle
Ballad of John Colter
Johnny Tremain
Liberty Tree

This album is dated 1957. It's one of my favorites.


The song "Liberty Tree," which I believe was sung on the record by either Bill Lee or Gene Merlino, was on a lot of albums and singles that you should be able to find. The most common LP is DQ-1214, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND SONGS FOR EVERY HOLIDAY, which is a reissue of HOLIDAYS WITH THE MOUSEKETEERS. The vinyl version of YANKEE DOODLE MICKEY also includes the song. Golden Records did their own version of the tune, and you can also find an instrumental by the Fife and Drum Corps on various Theme Park compilation LP's.