planning to do 'disney music'


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hi all... i am planning to do 'disney music' as my thesis topic... now looking for the info of disney music... would like to get some suggestion from you all... or where can i find those info like story behind the music or the composers story and etc...


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This is a huge topic, as the many thousands of posts on this site attest. Probably your best bet would be to narrow down your topic to something where there is at least a decent existing bibliography, like the Sherman brothers. On the other hand, I would love to see someone work on a less obvious topic, like the use of original music in the Disney parks -- there have been so many brilliant composers at work there, from Buddy Baker to Bruce Broughton (and how's that for alliteration!).

Good luck!


There are some very good resources right here! Good luck with the thesis. Any chance we could read it when it is complete?


Wow, now that's a big topic!! :) I know that there was a book that came with the "Music Behind the Magic" boxed set that had some great "behind the scenes" stuff about the music from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. Only comes with the CDs though, usually you can get a good price on :)



Charlying, that IS a huge topic. Music is a enormous part of the "Disney experience".

If I was you, Id start by picking which venue the music is used in (such as theme parks, movies, records, television scores) then work from there.

Personally, I think the Theme park music would be the most interesting because it plays such an important part in all the shows and attractions in creating a mood. Plus the composers are the same ones from other Disney Projects (Buddy Baker, the Shermans, even Danny Elfman contributed the score to Haunted Mansion Holiday!)

Although now that I think about it...even THAT is pretty huge subject. On second thought do whatever the hell you want, if you are in the position to write a thesis, you are'll figure something out.



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thanks all... Disney Theme Park music is the one i am going to write as my thesis topic. unlike US, singapore is a sourceless country (for music resourse)... what i can get the info is tru the internet... anyone has found any website associated, feel free to sent to me... 8)