Places for purchasing A Musical History of Disneyland Limited Edition

Howdy folks,

Do any of you know for certain when and where the limited edition sets will be available for purchase?
I emailed DisneyDirect, and they informed me they had no information on it, nor was it available through them.
I called DelivEARs, and the fellow whom I spoke with said all he knew is that the set would be released May 5th, and that he wasn't sure if even then it (the limited edition) could be ordered through deliverEARs since they have a 30 day waiting period on limited edition pins. He also didn't know if Walt Disney World would be carrying the set.
If anyone knows for sure when and were it can be purchased, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

This is what Randy said in the Musical History of Disneyland - The Facts post:

After a brief window of exclusivity (until September 2005) the boxed set (minus the vinyl) will be available nationally.
Though the press release posted on this site earlier mentioned that it is a Limited Edition, it only means that the set with the vinyl is Limited to 5000 units and will be available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Direct. That is all.
And you did read correctly! This set will be available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Direct. I personally suggest that you order from Disney Direct the week of April 25 to insure that you have the best chances of being in those first 5000 orders so you may get the vinyl. - Randy Thornton

Now, DisneyDirect probably just doesn't know they are getting it yet since the pre-order doesn't start until next week. And it's generally known that the set will be available in the park the week of the beginning of the is expected by May 5th on park shelves. My experience is that DeliverEars doesn't know what's happening with merchandise until they actually have it they'll probably become aware of it May 5th or shortly afterward. I'd take Randy's suggestion and look for it at sometime next week (since he said "the week of" not on April 25th)