Pizzaria Bella Notte Restaurant


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The Pizzaria Bella Notte restaurant is themed around the scene from Lady and the Tramp and the spaghetti and meatballs scene.
The restaurant is decorated with vines, baskets and has a typical "Italian" feel (including two large statues of the two characters who sing to lady and the Tramp) - the pizzas are also great! :D
Like most restaurants in DLRP there is a background music loop playing. Plenty of accordion and mandolin which sets the scene well.

This has been a difficult one to identify the tunes in (not being Italian :p) but it's been done.

The loop runs for 52:44 and has been running since the park opened in 1992.

Again, many thanks to @needmagic and @wedroy1923 for doing most of the work for this list.

The official playlist from DLRP gives no sources ("not listed") apart from the two versions of Bella Notte by Peggy Lee & Sonny Burke Edo Guidotti who wrote it although they are not the performers. No artists are given.Again, difficult to choose where the loop starts and ends but the official list gives number 10 below as the start and number 9 as the finish but their list isn't numbered so it's unsure whether they have listed it from the actual start or not.
The order of play is correct compared to a live recording taken in may 2009.
@wedroy1923 has identified at least one source album so some of it is available to buy.
It may take some time to identify other sources :rolleyes:
here's one. (tracks 1, 4 and 20 - still checking for others)
Thanks to @wedroy1923 and Geenee for identifying this source. Note: this is another mp3 album so, if you are trying a reconstruction, just buy the ones you need instead of the whole album ;)
Track 16. Gigetta Polka may be from Eduardo di Capua, Holiday in Italy but unable to find a reference prior to 1993 - a year later than the loop started playing o_O
Again, there is the possibility that the original date was prior to that (maybe vinyl) and just isn't listed anywhere (1992 is a long time ago).
Again, thanks to @wedroy1923 for that one.

01 O Sole Mio
02 Comme Bella A Stagione
03 Tarantella Mafiosa
04 Chianti Song
05 La Quadriglia
06 Carcioffolo
07 Tarentelle napolitaine
08 Viva L'Allegria
09 Comme Facette Mammeta
10 Bella Notte
11 L'Ultima Tarantella
12 Tarantella Brilliante
13 Funiculi-Funicula
14 Blue Wolf
15 La Sorella
16 Gigetta, Polka
17 El Pastiador
18 La Mazurka
19 Reginella
20 Santa Lucia
21 Nicolo, Nicolo, Nicolo
22 Bella Notte
23 La Danza
24 Tu Sei Bella
25 La Ciociara

Please note: These titles are those used for the official DLRP playlist. You may find that the actual titles are longer or slightly different in some aspects. We are unable to amend them without knowing the actual sources and the titles of those sources as listed on the albums. We hope you will understand.