Pixar going 2D?



About a year ago, someone posted an internal Disney Feature Animation memo regarding the purchase of animation desks by employees. As I remember it, it specified that the Kem Weber desks were NOT for sale. One of the articles in the past week mentioned that Pixar had purchased the desks. Has anyone heard anything more about this? It certainly fuels the rumor that Pixar is going to go 2D.


I've heard rumors for awhile now about Pixar going 2d. I sure hope so! They have the talent and creativity to do wonderfully in that thinning field! Maybe it's time to get back into the swing of drawing for me. ;)


X-S Tech

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Well before the Comcast thing but after Roys departure I heard that there was a plan for Jobs and Lasseter to come in, oust Eisner, reinstate Roy in some way and take over the Animation Department. Supposedly Brad Bird (Iron Giant) is at Pixar and he is eager to do a traditional film. I assume they will do it with Disney or without. If anyone can....


That sounds like the ideal situation...and thus must be totally fictional. ;)

The thought of Lasseter and Bird working in Disney FA is just too good to be true.

Jessica L

Isn't Bird directing The Incredibles? I thought I had read his name somewhere related to the film. Sounds like he's already in a good place at Pixar - 2d would just be the next step. I would be very intrigued to see a 2d Pixar produced film - but would they make it themselves or just write/direct it?