Pirates Recordings

Howdy Folks

As far as audio quality and completeness, which recording would you say is the best of Pirates of the Caribbean:

Musical History
Disneyland Forever



Playlist Author
I have the following POC compilations, two of which I cannot identify. Does anyone know the source?

Grinning Ghost Version 21:33
Red Dot Version 16:52
First 50 Years - A Retrospect 15:37
Musical History 16:07

Unknown 1 15:22
Unknown 2 23:38


The Trout

Weird. I can't pin down either of the unknowns you have. Whoda thunk it was possibly to remix the same attraction in so many different ways? On hand, I've got:

24:21: 50 Years of Imagineering
21:08: 50 Years of Imagineering (Preview Version)
16:07: A Musical History of Disneyland
15:37: The First 50 Years - A Retrospective
13:41: Virtual Audio Tour
20:12: Disneyland Forever
16:52: PotC 33rd Anniversary (Red-Dot)

Odd. The psychotic collector in me really wants to know what other versions you've got there. On-topic, the audio quality of the Musical History version is probably the best, although 50YoI is almost ten minutes longer (of course, some might consider that a BAD thing).


There's also an edited version of the ride soundtrack on Disney's 75 Years of Music and Memories (Box Set) - Disc Two 1961-1972 entitled Yo Ho!( A Pirates Life For Me).