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I have a very simple, but not necessarily easy question.

Among the new music added to Pirates during the 2006 rehab is the music in the battle scene, which features the score from the movie. Now I had assumed that this was recorded for the ride along with the other new pieces. However, Randy has stated in his post on why an updated Pirates mix will not be released any time soon that the music in fact comes directly from the music score.

I've been listening to the piece in the ride through from the Japanese, and trying to figure out where in the movie that piece of music appears. It may not be possible to seperate that piece of music from the dialog and sound effect tracks in the movie anyway (and even if it is, as the kindly FBI warning at the beginning of the movie reminds us, the film and it's soundtrack are protected by international copyright laws).

None the less, while the only release that cue may get is on the Japanese ridethrough, I'd still like to know where that piece of music appears. I have listened to the soundtracks of all three Pirates movies many times over (in fact I like to listen to them all in sequence when I'm working) and I can say for sure it does not appear on the official soundtrack. The music does sound like the same piece of music from Jack Sparrow's first entrance in the first movie (which does appear on the soundtrack), but is not the same orchestration. I'm betting that if it does indeed appear in the movie it's that theme appearing again later on (which happens with all of the themes in the film).

I'm operating on the assumption that the piece appears in the first film, because the second two films have a different composer (Hans Zimmer did work on the first film as well but in fact it was scored by several composers as the film neared completion, as I believe the original composer was fired) and tend to play off of different themes than the first film.

So. Anybody know?


I haven't looked into it much myself but I'm not sure you can discount the possibility of it being from the 2nd movie(even though if I had to guess I'd say first). It does have elements from the 2nd movie and there was all the hubub about no one riding it before the 2nd movie was released. It does sound really really really really like The Medallion Calls though. They could have always remixed elements from it too, though randy does say directly from the score and we're interpreting that as "directly" with no meddling.


Ya but I still don't see how his appearance was any more than what we were already seeing in commercials :p It's his face going muahahaha I'm Davy Jones and that's it, you don't see his body or his face tentacles going anywhere and there's nothing revealing at all about it.

And the track is credited as Battle - Klaus Badelt, so I guess yeah it's from the first film

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the track is credited as Battle - Klaus Badelt, so I guess yeah it's from the first film

Where are you seeing it listed as such? Is there an ASCAP listing for it?

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I sent an email to Steve Litten, who according to the CD booklet mixed the ridethrough. I asked him about the battle scene music, and also why the ridethrough was kept to 10 minutes, and what the hardest part of mixing it was. Here was his response:

The music is actually from the film score, we didn't
do any new music recording for the attraction.
The hardest part in doing the Tokyo CD is that I had
never been on the ride in Tokyo before and that the
new version that the CD reflects had not been
installed yet so I was working off of a script to
determine what was where.
The only legal limitations were that we could'nt use
Johnny Depp or Jeffery Rush's voices so we used the
previous versions.
The length of the ride through was supposed to reflect
the guests actual experience so we didn't break out
all the music loops like we did for Disneyland.
I have done ride throush of It's a small world wich I
mixed from the original 1963 orchestra recordings and
Splash Mountain as well as the Haunted Mansion, some
of wich are on the Disneyland 50th Anniversary box