Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack

I was just wanting to discuss the new AMAZING soundtrack for Pirates. What did you all think? Do you think it lives up to the last soundtrack? Better or worse? I for one thought it was amazing. Like the incorporation of the Organ and music box. Creepy yet awesome!

Then new themes I felt were very fun and fit the movie perfectly. Everybody let me know what you think.

Hans Zimmer... one word... Genius!


ok.. here it comes.... on your request...

Is it better then the first one? definitly!
Do i like it? not very much...

I think its still too much of the "a lot of noise = impressive" formula that media ventures uses too often. It doesnt sound really original, and apart from the jack's theme, not very swashbuckling either.
Wanna hear a good high seas adventure score with a modern sound? try "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" or even Zimmer's own "Muppet Treasure Island".

I still think its a pitty that they replaced Silvestri with Media Ventures.

And among us Disneyfreaks.... I still think it's a REAL pitty that there's not a single tribute to the original theme in the score. not on the album at least (movie's not released here yet).

The Trout

It was better than the first score, but that brass ring wasn't terribly hard to reach. Overall, though, it is a good listen most of the time - I'm mostly just digging the themes, even if they weren't neccessarily used that well. But the "Davy Jones" track is stellar, if only because I really just love that particular theme.

But seriously - it's a dyin' shame that Silvestri got the axe on the first film. To think - we coulda had another trilogy of Silvestri music! Oh well. We can just listen to Van Helsing and pretend it's for Pirates. ;)


Hi Ky!

I?ll post more on this later, but I think the score is new INCREDIBLE and the old score is equally incredible. As ?clich? as some may say it is, it?s what the majority of the people want to hear; maybe not the hardcore ride fans, but the average person would like it. ?Feed the people what they want to hear!?

Oh, before I go, I have to comment on the Kraken theme! GREAT take off of Bach?s Toccata Fugue in D minor! The infamous theme we all associate with Halloween (other than The Phantom of the Opera) was re-scored in a different tempo to probably allude to the familiar creepy theme and enhance our reaction to the on-screen battle! My hat is off to all who come out of the Hans Zimmer studio! Yeah for synthesized scoring!

Thanks for listening and have a
WONDERFUL day friends!!!!!!

PS: I second Ky----Hans Zimmer=GENIUS!

Rich T

I love the soundtrack, although I'm ticked off about the ominous, opening "Yo Ho" being left off. Aside from that, it's a great, rollicking listen from beginning to end. Zimmer's Jack Sparrow theme is a kick, and the Davy Jones theme is perfectly creepy and sorrowful.

At the screening I saw, I was amazed at the energy level created by the ending and sustained all the way through the credits by the score. The audience was absolutely jazzed, and the credits seemed to thunder by with a terrific momentum provided by the music.

Listening to the album, I think the Kraken track best captures that energy.

So, yeah, I love the soundtrack! :) Saw the film opening night, came home late, wanted to hear the music again - Thank you, iTunes!

On a side note, did ya notice it's currently iTunes' third most downloaded album? I'd wager iTunes is a very, very good thing for soundtrack sales: A lot of impulse buying from folks fresh outta the theater (worked on me!)

- Richard