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I'm not sure if it was ever asked before, but i thought i'd just give it a try.
Does anybody here have more info on the pirate shantie loop they use in the outside queue of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris? they use some sailing ship columbia tracks, and "yoho" and "a pirate's life" from the imagineering the dream. But you can also hear shantie versions from under the sea for example.
If anybody has more information on this, i'd be delighted to hear!

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The list below was posted here some time ago. It's not complete but hope it helps. There are at least 2 loops at DLP that use this type of music. This one is most properly labeled DLP Pirates Cove BGM (46:34). Not sure where exactly this area plays, but my guess is that it's around Skull Rock and Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, if not othe places as well.
01 - Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
02 - Song #2
03 - Oh Johnny Come to Hilo
04 - A Pirate's Life
05 - Song #5
06 - Fathoms Below
07 - Song #7
08 - Song #8
09 - Never Smile at a Crocodile
10 - Song #10
11 - What Do You Say to a Drunken Sailor?
12 - Whale of a Tale
13 - Blow the Man Down
14 - Song #14
15 - Song #15
16 - Haul Boys Haul
17 - Song #17
18 - Under the Sea
19 - Song #19
20 - A Long Time Ago
21 - The Elegant Captain Hook
22 - Song of the Fishes
23 - An American Frigate
24 - Song #24
25 - Song #25
26 - Song #26
27 - Song #27
28 - Jig
29 - Song #29
30 - Song #30
31 - Blow the Man Down
32 - Song #32
There is also another loop called DLP Pirates Approach Bridge BGM (13:37). I guess this plays on the stone bridge that you cross as you enter the outdoor queue for pirates, though I would guess it plays elswhere also. Sorry I don't have a playlist for this one. When I was in WDW last April the Harbour Galley Restaurant had a loop that contained a lot of this stuff also. I remember hearing the Columbia and Little Mermaid pieces specifically. For all I know they utilize the same loop.


thank you for the info.

in the list you posted you can add "a wave to say goodbye" on nr. 14.

the pirates bridge loop sounds insteresting... where did you get this info? I always assumed they played the same loop as the POTC outdoor queue there.


As far as I know, there is only one such loop, but of course I could be wrong too. To determine that, where did you come across the loops?

Your track 2 (from Jason's list) is actually just an extension of the first track (Yo Ho) that was omitted from the Imagineering the Dream version. So all in all, there are only 31 tracks.

Here's my list:

Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)
Oh Johnny Come to Hilo
A Pirate's Life - Version 1
Maid of Amsterdam
Fathoms Below
Never Smile at a Crocodile
Drunken Sailor
A Whale of a Tale
Blow the Man Down - Version 1
A Life on the Ocean Wave
Haul Boys Haul
The Dreadnought
Under the Sea
A Long Time Ago
The Elegant Captain Hook
Song of the Fishes
An American Frigate
Roll the Cotton Down
A Pirate's Life - Version 2
Jig from The Little Mermaid
Blow the Man Down - Version 2