Pirate Plunder



Our favorite pirate...no...not Jack Sparrow...is at it again! This time, he's offering a 7 CD set of Fantasyland audio. Here's the newsletter he sent out:

Hello Club Members,
Because many of you have requested that we do more CDs, I'm pleased to annouce that we have not
one, not two, but SEVEN new CDs today!

We went through the audio archieves to find the perfect collection of tracks from Fantasyland.
I'm happy to introduce the Fantasyland Audio Collection.

This is a collection made up of 4 seperate Fantasyland Dark Ride CDs and one 3 Disc collection
of Fantasyland background audio.

We are talking pristine, original master recordings of Mr.Toad (yes from both Disneyland and
Walt Disney World). Plus pre-1983 Fantasyland attraction ride throughs and more! Take a look
below or simply click here to see them all,


Makes you wonder what other treasures are lurking there in the audio "archieves"...though maybe he'll "annouce" that with a "seperate" email.

X-S Tech

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That guy cracks me up! I love how random tracks on that listing say "deleted 4-99" or whatever the date is, showing that it's a WDW Forever track, and some fan's copy of it instead of a copy of an original. There's nothing on that list that's from WDW's Mr Toad, unless that Pre 1983 mix uses some of the WDW Toad music that's already out there. But nothing on that list is anything that can't be easily culled from the usual places online.


Who would request more of those poorly put together bootleg CDs?

BTW, what is up with the semi-Amazon look? I don't even like the way Amazon looks on amazon.com.