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Pirate Cove BGM

The Pirate Cove BGM covers the waiting are for the Pirates attraction and the entire surrounding area including the bamboo lined walkways by the Blue Lagoos reataurant. It plays by Captain Hook's ship and Skull Island and extends across the entire cove and bridges to the main walkway through Adventureland.

Some sites give links for music from this loop which are incorrect so be warned.
Some titles on those sites lead to CDs of the tune but not those that are used in the Park and some sites have incorrect listings.
This listing is 100% confirmed to a full live recording and the sources confirmed by comparison to the CD named so they are the actual tracks played in the park.
Some of the tracks used in the loops are available commercially.
I have only been able to find two sources so far. The compilation CD called "The Wind in the Rigging" (available from Amazon) and the Disneyland Forever project.
As yet, I haven't been able to find sources for those from the project (ie Disney-created or needledrop) but have been told that tracks 1 and 3 from the original loop were also used at the Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Gallery, Imagineering the Dream. (Thanks to Wedroy1923 for that information).
Where possible, tunes have been checked for the correct titles against "Shanties from the Seven Seas" by the late Stan Hugill (whom I knew - a great guy - one of a kind). ISBN-0-913372-70-6 Published by Mystic Seaport 1994 (reprinted 2003) - originally published 1961.
Any information on the remaining unknown tracks gratefully received.
Again, massive thanks to needmagic and wedroy1923 for the hard work they have put into confirming this listing.


When compiling track listings for a loop (especially ones that have been around for many years), one often has to rely on the recordings made/obtained by others.
It's always possible that these may be either inaccurate or incomplete (hence the need for a live reference recording).

The tracks below for 1992 - 1999 were from a recording (not my own).
I find it "odd" that a single track should have been inserted around 2000.
It may have been but there is also the possibility that the original recording omitted it for whatever reason (by accident or on purpose) and that there have always been 32 tracks in the loop which have remained unchanged since 1992. Without the use of a time machine (or a live recording taken pre-2000) it's almost impossible to be certain.
Anyone who has a recording of this loop should bear this possibility in mind.
One of the purposes of this blog is to provide as accurate a listing as humanly possible so, where any doubts exist, they will be displayed.
Please bear this in mind when reading.
If anyone has any definite information on this point, we would be glad to hear it (not "I have a loop with only 31 tracks though please unless you know the loop to be 100% accurate and complete - ie you made it yourself or it's a live recording) [img=[URL]http://www.magicmusic.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif][/URL]
I can confirm (from a live recording) that as at 2012, the loop remains the same and with the full 32 tracks.

From 1992 to 1999 the loop possibly contained 31 tracks (see notes above).
It seems that, in or around 2000 (the date of the second recording), an additional track (#2 in this listing) was added making the current loop of 32 tracks (32 confirmed by live recording 2009).
It is certainly not in the recordings I have for the earlier loop.
It's always possible that something went wrong with the live recording so track 2 was edited out (that's my suspicion anyway).
Track 2 is a short track running just 1:25 so the run time only differs slightly.

BGM 2000 onwards (current).
BGM 1992 - 1999 (as below but minus track 2)

Run Time 60:11 (approximate)

1 Yo-Ho, A pirates Life for me.
2 Bound for the Rio Grande. ** (Away Rio on the CD).
3 Johnny Come Down to Hilo *
4 A Pirate's Life.
5 Maid of Amsterdam (tune version 1)
6 Fathoms Below
7 Staten Island Hornpipe **
8 n/k
9 Never smile at a crocodile.
10 Farewell to Grog
11 What shall we do with the drunken sailor. *
12 Whale of a tale. *
13 Blow the Man Down *
14 A Life on the Ocean Wave
15 A-Roving (Maid of Amsterdam) **
16 Haul Boys Haul *
17 Dreadnought
18 Under the Sea
19 Blow Ye Winds in the Morning **
20 Long Time Ago *
21 Elegant Captain Hook
22 Song of the Fishes *
23 American Frigate *
24 Roll the Cotton Down.
25 A Pirates Life (Version 2 )
26 Round the Corner Sally.
27 ?
29 Fireworks Jig (NB this tune is played in the film "The Little Mermaid" but is NOT this version)
30 Boston Harbor **
29 The Sailor Likes his Bottle-O
31 Blow the man down (second version) **
32 Strike the Bell. **

** = Available on CD "The Wind in the Rigging" (original issue date (vinyl) 1984)

* = Sailing Ship Columbia, Disneyland. Disneyland Forever.

Now, it is possible that tunes have different names in the UK and US so I have compared them with my own collections of sea shanties (considerable) and my tune books(lots of them) where possible to confirm the actual titles are correct. As far as I can tell, they are. That does not mean that the tunes are not used for other songs as well, just that the tunes in the loop are used for the tracks named.
In particular:
Maid of Amsterdam at track 5 is the same name as track 15 but the tune and words are slightly different Track 15 (both) is the more usual "A-Roving".
There are two distinct versions of this title and the words of one don't fit the tune of the other.

There does appear to be a recording of this loop running just over 46:00 but only containing 24 tracks and which appears to be a cut-down version of the loop after the addition of the "new" track. The tracks 25 - 32 being omitted from that recording.
As the listing given here has been compared to a live recording of the full loop which contains the full 32 tracks (recorded September 2009), I can see no reason for the loop to have been cut to 24 tracks in 2000 and then increased to 32 again by 2009 (and 46 minutes is an odd time for a Disney loop).
That doesn't mean it wasn't - just that the current loop is confirmed as having 32 tracks. :)
Of course, if you know better, do please let us know. ;)