Pinocchio 78rpm question for Randy Thornton.

I found the following record in the Library of Congress Recorded Sound catalog. What do you know about this record? Does it exist in the Walt Disney archives? Has it ever been released on any Pinocchio compilation?

Shelf no.: Walt Disney 3255/3258 (78A)

Title: Turn on the old music box ; Figaro and Cleo

Publication Status: Published

Type Music: Medium Recording

Turn on the old music box / Ned Washington, lyrics; Leigh Harline, music. Performed by Cliff Edwards and Orchestra. 3255.
Figaro and Cleo / Ned Washington, lyrics; Leigh Harline, music. Performed by "The Sportsmen" and Orchestra. 3258.

Physical Item:
Walt Disney 3255/3258 (78A). 1 sound disc : 78 rpm, mono ; 12-inch, standard (shellac) : Walt Disney (3255/3258)

The Sportsmen are the same singing group that sang the commercials on the Jack Benny radio program starting in the Fall of 1946. If this recording was done circa 1940, Thurl Ravenscroft is singing on this record. He left the group to join the service in the Spring/Summer of 1942.



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How about the other two Pinocchio demos, Three Cheers For Anything and As I Was Saying To The Dutchess? I think a reissue of Pinocchio is in order with these and I'm A Happy Go Lucky Fellow since it was recorded for Pinocchio but used in Fun & Fancy Free.