Pete's Dragon Soundtrack is Awesome!!!

David S.


I already listened to it twice, just driving around in my car. The first time, I listened to the songs in their film running order, then for my second listen I decided to try it in the CD order.

"Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You Too)" is probably my favorite song from this film. Other favorites are the charming "It's Not Easy", the upbeat "Brazzle Dazzle Day", "There's Room For Everyone" (an underrated song with excellent lyrics), the lively "I Saw A Dragon" and the beautiful "Candle In the Water".

The "Main Title" is the Overture and it is quite beautiful.

This film may be the record holder for "Disney villain songs" as four are sung by the various bad apples in the picture.

My favorite of these is "The Happiest Home In These Hills", sung by the Gogans. For my money, this is one of the liveliest and most catchy and addictive Disney villain songs around.

The book comes with complete lyrics to all the songs, and Randy Thornton and John Polito are given their due credit for digital restoration production and mastering.

The back of the CD has film credits, including the actors names, songwriters (Kasha/Hirschhorn), and also credits Irwin Kostal for his excellent contribution as conductor and arranger.

This is for me the most exciting Disney film soundtrack to come along since the heyday of 1997/98, and I cannot thank Randy and WDR enough!

I highly recommend this for Pete's Dragon fans, Disney soundtrack fans, and anyone who loves good musicals and good music!

Good to hear about the villain songs, David, as my son is a Disney villain aficionado, and has been looking forward to this CD! As I just said in the other soundtrack thread, I'll be looking for it tomorrow, as I got delayed by "new car shopping" today! Michael.


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Ok I've been a lurker long enough I HAD to comment on these new soundtracks.

I'm young and had actually never seen Pete's Dragon, but I bought the soundtrack today because everyone here seems to agree it is just about the best soundtrack from the live action Disney film.

Buy it . . . I agree the songs are awesome, and the restoration is amazing!

Also I have much trouble finding the soundtracks too. I first went to a Wherehouse Music, Fred Meyer (a regional store like but classier then Wal-Mart) and finally found them at Borders. :eek: BUT that wasn't the end of it, they weren't even out yet and I had a store employee go back and get them for me. *SHESH*

Anyways Good stuff

Katybug AKA Caitlin


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I loved the Pete's Dragon CD too, although for some reason "Brazzle Dazzle Day" had a lot of hiss in it still; a little annoying, but not enough to make it unlistenable. It was very nice to hear all of the songs again though, and most of them for the first time on CD.

I also loved the 3 songs from The Rescuers that were included on The Rescuers Down Under soundtrack. The restoration on these is great! I think it's the first time 2 of those songs have ever been on CD also.

Ben C.
Can you guys give the time length? I am very excited about that!

HISSING? OOO NOOO! Heh, don't long as it's listenable and nice which it probably is... :)


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Pete's Dragon Track Listing:

1. Main Title - 3:39
2. Candle on the Water - 3:06
3. I Saw a Dragon - 2:35
4. It's Not Easy - 3:11
5. Every Little Piece - 4:26
6. The Happiest Home in These Hills - 2:49
7. Brazzle Dazzle Day - 2:47
8. Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You Too) - 2:46
9. There's Room for Everyone - 3:07
10. Passamashloddy - 4:25
11. Bill of Sale - 2:42
12. Candle on the Water (Reprise) - 1:54


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I forgot to ask this the first time around, but does anyone know off hand if the pair (Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn) did any other disney album?



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I don't think the "Candle on the Water Reprise" was in the movie at all. It sounds like it's just a shorter version of the one earlier on in the film. Randy had said that this CD is a direct copy of the old LP, so maybe RCA put this track on the end just because of Helen Reddy, who knows!

I do miss the "Brazzle Dazzle Day" reprise that was actually at the end of the film, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.


On the old vinyl release Candle on the Water (track 2) is marked as "specially recorded single version" Can't remember which one is the film version, but the other one has slightly faster tempo. I don't have the CD yet.

Jessica L

I agree the soundtrack is AWESOME!! I only have one minor complaint in that some of the instrumentals and a few lyrics are missing in some of the songs. I made my own soundtrack a few years ago, and I'm so used to those versions that it confused me at first. The biggest examples are the instrumental in the middle of Brazzle Dazzle and a lyric sung by Helen in There's Room for Everyone (right after "So deep so high, with miles of sky, we all have part of the pie" - Helen had this beautiful little line that's gone from this version). But like I said - a minor complaint. I loved the new mixes to the songs and the really pretty piano overlay in the beginning to Candle on the Water. Very cool! Overall, a great job by Randy and everyone involved!! I highly reccommend this CD to any and all Disney fans. It's one of my favorite Disney movies and it has great songs!! :)

Haven't listened to Rescuers all the way through yet, but so far it sounds awesome!! :)


Ken S

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I don't know if Kasha & Hirschhorn did music for any other Disney film, but at least they wrote the theme song for EPCOT's UNIVERSE OF ENERGY, as well as the Oscar-winning songs "The Morning After" for THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) and "We May Never Love Like This Again" for THE TOWERING INFERNO (1974) - although these songs aren't exactly as enjoyable as the work they did for PETE'S DRAGON.

:) KEN
So the Brazzle Dazzle instrumental is missing? Oh wow... heh...

Yeah, I noticed it seemed short on the recent times post for the whole thing.

But still...I'm VERY excited ;)


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Well, it looks like Kasha & Hirschhorn worked on "Pete's Dragon" and "Freaky Friday" together (as well as some non-Disney stuff), and then Joel Hirschhorn did the songs for "The North Avenue Irregulars". That looks like the extent of their Disney work.


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it looks like to me they just took the original Capitol LP and mastered it to cd. :- extras??? how chincy! :'(

i'm sure it sounds good.


I finally got my Pete's Dragon CD and compared it to the LP release. The material is NOT exactly the same. As I said before, track 2 on the LP is a "single version" of Candle on the Water and is not included on the CD. The CD track 2 is the film version, which is the last track on the LP. The "reprise" on the CD is a new track.
I was a little surprised by this - can someone tell when this change was made? Did it accure on some earlier re-release or only on the CD? Or do I have some rare version of the LP?


Oh, and another interesting thing on the CD. They did not use the word "soundtrack" anywhere on it. That is probably because it indeed is not music from the actual film soundtrack - it is original cast, but the recordings are different.