Pete's Dragon Soundtrack (2016)



Release Date: August 12, 2016

1. The Dragon Song performed by Bonnie Billy
2. Something Wild performed by Lindsey Stirling & Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
3. Nobody Knows performed by The Lumineers
4. Something On Your Mind performed by St. Vincent
5. So Long, Marianne performed by Leonard Cohen
6. Gina Anne performed by Bosque Brown
7. An Adventure
8. Are You Gonna Eat Me?
9. Brown Bunny
10. Reverie
11. Tree Fort
12. North Star
13. Bedtime Compass
14. Timber
15. Breathe
16. Gavin Knows What He’s Doing
17. You Are Not Alone
18. Elliot Gets Lost
19. Takedown
20. It’ll Be Just Like It Used To Be
21. Follow That Dragon
22. Elliot At The Bridge
23. Abyss
24. Go North
25. Saying Goodbye
26. The Bravest Boy I’ve Ever Met
27. The Dragon Song Revisited performed by Bonnie Billy
28. Candle On The Water performed by Okkervil River