Perri - A Story with Songs

ST-3902 Walt Disney's Perri

A fairly unknown movie to today's audience. Not sure if it has been released on DVD? I have not seen it and would like to sometime as I enjoy the songs written by Jimmie Dodd. I think he does a nice job narrating this LP. Darlene sings with him on one song. I have included some pictures from the album also.


This movie has been released on DVD. It was released on the "Walt Disney Legacy Collection" series a few years ago, the series that contained all of the True Life Adventure Series films. Perri was the only "True Life Fantasy" film ever released, although I think the company intended to make more. I guess you could say that many of the animal films of the 60's and 70's were in a way true life fantasies, like "The Legend of Lobo", but they weren't referred to as such.
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I had a feeling, so I looked it up. So was "The Legend of Lobo." That makes three. I remember reading somewhere that "Perri" was the first and only True-Life Fantasy. That was simply a mistake.


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Alas, we get very few of these movies released in the UK.
In fact, I had to buy a multi-region DVD player just to play the stuff I got from the US where is seems reasonably available .
I even had to buy the US release of "Fun and Fancy Free" from the US to get all the "extras" and several other new ones (Like the latest Singalong series) just don't come here.
Still, as long as the exchange rate remains good (for me), they still work out cheaper even with the P&P than most Disney stuff here.