Peoplemover music?


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Way back when, Outerrim posted a pretty informative piece about the source of the old peoplemover music. I think they were from some Capitol Records commercial record or some such. Anyone remember the title or info? Is that information still around?

I have some of the old music along with some other tracks I am not familiar with. I believe the music came from DCA(Superstar Limo queue). Its a start.

Good to see this board is still alive.

Hey Matt--
Maybe it's ESP, but I was just thinking about those tracks yesterday! If you find anything out, would you let me know too?
Jeff in NY
As far as I know, the Capital records music tracks are 7 different tracks. Also, I just confirmed (by listening to a friend's live recording) that during the first few years, there was only 1 track that played over and over on the PeopleMover cars. It was the "Monorail" song. This is the same track found in the Forever system as "Monorail Song". I know this song never played on the Monorail so I'm confused as to why it was named that on the Forever system. As you might know, this track was written for the "Magic Highways" TV show. It was re-recorded for the Ford Pavillion at the 64-64 NY World's Fair, and used as background music during some Disneyland TV show(maybe more than 1?). Maybe during this show it played while showing Monorail footage but I doubt it it was ever intended to be associated with the Monorail.
The 7 PeopleMover tracks currently play at the new Autopia queue and the Superstar Limo queue. I don't have titles for these.
Hope this was informative. Louis :)


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if anyone is interested i have all 7 tracks. i got them from an old reel to reel that a recording engineer friend had. god only knows where he got them from. i ran them through the wash as best as i could and viola!

email me if interested. thanx ;D