Peoplemover and Tomorrowland

I was just watching my copy of The Magic of odd thought occurred to me. Tomorrowland lost its energy in 1998 when it lost its silent soundtrack.... The peoplemover was Tomorrowlands silent yet energetic background "music" You look at it today and it has no real "energy" That constant "world on the move" gave it that energy....and its "music" if you get my understanding. Watch any video of it now compared to pre "new tomorrowland" Once the peoplemover was like watching a silent picture... I really hope that it does return...they need to turn up the volume again
Well said! I completely agree. I also feel that the park(s) lost a significant level of energy when the Skyway was removed. Although the attraction did not have a soundtrack, the movement of the multi-colored buckets across the sky was definitely a harmonic "plus" to both the Disneyland and WDW Magic Kingdom show.