Peggy Lee /Tramp Tracks


Hi, everyone.

Being the huge LADY AND THE TRAMP fan, since I was born in 1955, I found this CD pretty interesting.

I don't know if these are available easily, but I just got a Peggy Lee 2-CD set from Ebay that is from Universal Records, with a EU sourcing, though it is prbably British, and was imported into Canada. I had three of the tracks on other CD's but the others are new to my collections.

The CD is called PEGGY LEE: CLASSICS AND COLLECTIBLES. The first CD is a DECCA RECORDS greatest hits disc, and the second is a collection of singles and album tracks from her Decca period in the mid-50's.

Of special interest are the tracks that were originally included on her Decca/Brunswick mid-50's LP SONGS FROM LADY AND THE TRAMP, with the orchestra conducted by Sonny Burke, who co-wrote the songs.

These are not the soundtrack recordings, but her own readings. The tracks of interest are:


2. He's A Tramp
10. Siamese Cat Song
15. La La Lu
22. Bella Notte
26. Peace On Earth/ Silent Night

Disc 2:

20. Singing ('Cause He Want's To Sing) [outtake]
21. That Fellow's A Friend Of Mine [outtake]
22. Old Trusty [outtake]
23. Jim Dear [outtake]
24. What Is a Baby?

The rest of the CD is a great collection from one of the great singers and performers of all time, and would be worth it for those tracks alone. But, as a Disney Freak, the Lady and The Tramp tracks make it that much better. There is a two-page essay on her Decca years in the CD, but it is essentialy and overview. The track listing is pretty thorough as to what each track is, recording dates, release dates, and single matrix numbers.

The catalogue number is Universal 1130342 [European Union].