"Party Gras" and "Mickey's 60th Anniversary"


Hey 'yall! I just heard a little snippet from "Party Gras." I LOVE THIS SONG! It sound a LOT like "The Disney Carnivale" by Gordon Goodwin. Does anyone have a good recording of this song? If you do or know how I can a recording, PLEASE let me know! How many different versions are there? (Castle show, fireworks finale...?)

Also, I just heard the "Mickey's 60th Anniversary" song from the 198? TV show. It was amazing! I recognize part of it from TDL's "Remember the Dreams." Here are some of the lyrics-

Thank you for the magic and the wonder,
Celebrating 60 years with you.
Happy Anniversary, Mickey Mouse!
We're celebrating with you.
Happy Anniversary, Mickey Mouse!
From all of us... to you!!!!!!

The version from "Remember the Dreams" changed the lyrics slightly. Anyway, I would love to get a good recording of this (from the TV show or anything else that features it). Do you know where all they?ve used this song? If you know how I can find a copy of this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Thanks sooo much, guys!

Have a great day,
party gra...i know of an excellent japanese version floating around.....the american version ive heard.....at least the ones ive caught....appear to be either a live recording or poor dupe.

ive yet to hear the mickey song actually from the parade...theres two,...possiblyv the 50th birthday? One....happy birthday mickey mouse....is available sung by none other than Davy Jones of the monkees (yes THE Davy jones from the Brady Bunch episode)fame. the 60th song ive yet to hear anywhere (other than my old video recording)
btw theres also a "happy birthday, its donalds birthday song.....from his parade (50th).....again ive got that on a live video of his parade